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Helen giving us a free birthday cake on the last night, as one of the group had put her birthday wrong on the booking form, was a definite highlight. I’ve not laughed and cried so much in ages! The thoughtfulness of doing this for a group member was just one of the things that puts 360 Expeditions above all other companies.

Megan D

Rolfe was a definite highlight. He is a lovely and supportive man and his humour and positive outlook on life (“cool by the pool”) were unrelenting. His experience and expertise is unparalleled and after only a few days with him and the rest of the team (including Jamie and Natalie Ironmonger) I would honestly trust Rolfe, Nat and Jamie with my life in the mountains. It took me completely out of my comfort zone but I loved every second of it and am already planning to come back next year to hopefully summit Aneto – I definitely have the adventure bug!

Megan D - Expedition Skills March 2022

You’re such a wonderful team and company and have done so brilliantly to keep us updated. Couldn’t be happier to have chosen you guys again.


Huge thanks to the team in the office for fantastic logistics. It was a very special trip for me as it was the first time I have left the kids for more than a night or two for 7 years – I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. Thank you.

Harriet Barcella, Jordan, Desert Trek to Petra
A huge thank you for making this trip possible.
I know it has been a hugely challenging couple of years but you were so wonderful at projecting calm and confidence at all times. I felt proud to have chosen 360 Expeditions and feel confident that every member of the Chiltern Centre team had a truly rewarding and extraordinary time. We also raised around £13,000 which is just amazing.
Harriet B

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