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Testimonials : Jordan Desert Trek to Petra

It was a phenomenal, unexpected and rewarding challenge… [the trip] met and exceeded every expectation I had for the trip! It was truly amazing!

Jolene M - Jordan, Desert Trek to Petra

The whole experience massively exceeded expectations. The landscape was insanely beautiful, the local crew was just so warm, welcoming, competent and professional, Jo was fantastic at bringing together the team and the crew and empowering people to support their own journeys. It was stunning, challenging and heartwarming. I loved it.

Harriet Barcella, Jordan Desert Trek to Petra

Hands down the most amazing and authentic experience and I can’t wait to do another one. The scenery was beyond incredible.   Every day the landscape changes, the temperatures changed, so many ups and downs both physically and emotionally, and incredibly we saw very few other people which really made it feel like you were somewhere special. Never would I have thought the words exhausting and exhilarated could be felt simultaneously! The moment you see the Monastery from the hillside at Petra you know you’ve done it. The best feeling in the world!

The effort the local team goes to to ensure you have the best of everything was clear and precise. 100% the best team of chefs and guides you could possibly hope for, who really cared about your experience and your welfare too. The food at the campsite was incredible, and not just because we were tired and hungry. The chefs really know how to cook with the facilities they have, even doing an underground BBQ. The guides were amazing. Making sure we were safe and well looked after at all times. And Barakat, our friendly policeman, was kind, generous and funny. We even danced around the fire as one big happy family. Could not have asked for more from them.

Cheryl P

Fabulous group and the most wonderful support crew made it a really special trip. I always knew the scenery and Petra would be amazing but interaction with the support crew was an added bonus – they were genuinely keen to ensure we had the best time. And Jo was a great leader – kept a good balance bet keeping us on track health and hygiene wise and having a laugh with the group!

Jane A

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