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K2, Broad Peak, G I & II

Base Camps

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  • P4 - Sustained physical effort calls for a state of high conditioning. You should already have experience of tough challenges (P3) and be regularly training as part of your normal routine. Expect days of up to 8 hours and longer while carrying a pack up to 8-14kg in weight. Summit night could be easily in excess of 12 hours.

    Visit our Grading Information page for a full overview.

  • T3 - May involve harder scrambling or some trekking and climbing with ropes. If snow is encountered then glacier travel with ropes, ice axes and crampons will be necessary. Basic climbing skills is ideal, but will also be taught and certainly practiced during the expedition and  pre-summit phase.

    Visit our Grading Information page for a full overview.

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An amazing trek into the heart of the Karakorum’s mountains. On this trip we plan to trek to K2 and Broad Peak base camps as well as Gasherbrum I & II base camps.

Starting the journey by jeep at Skardu we are soon immersed in the heart of the rugged and spectacular Karakoram range.

Our trek will take us on a journey  from the Shigar Valley where the scenery changes from green to desert landscape with 5000m peaks rising around you.

We will continue our beautiful trek past Biafo Glacier up to Jhola Camp where we will be treated to of the impressive looking Bakhor Das (5,809m), it is often referred to as K2 by the local villagers.

From our Paiju camp, we will climb climb up to the Baltoro Glacier where we will see the Trango and Cathedral Towers, Masherbrum, K2 and Broad Peak and onto Concordia with its 360° panorama of 7,000m mountains and unsurpassed view of K2.

Our last push will be to reach K2 Base Camp where we will stay overnight to soak up the stunning views.

One of the most spectacular mountain treks in the world and a wonderful mix of culture and adventure.

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K2, Broad Peak, G I & II , Base Camps

Date & Prices

For private trips or bespoke itineraries inc. different dates, please contact the 360 office on 0207 1834 360.

A monthly payment plan is possible, please contact the office to chat through the options.

For private trips or bespoke itineraries inc. different dates, please contact the 360 office on 0207 1834 360.
A monthly payment plan is possible, please contact the office to chat through the options.

Departure & Return


Price (excl. flight)

Price (incl. flight UK-UK)

Start: 02 August 2020
End: 28 August 2020

Price without flights:  £3,995

Leader: Ade Summers.

02 August 2020

28 August 2020

27 days



Leader: Ade Summers.


  • Government licensed professional guide/leader (pre-requisite for the Tour)
  • Airport transfers on first and last day from/to Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad
  • All domestic flights and transfers (according to itinerary)
  • All road transport in Pakistan (according to itinerary above)
  • All accommodation in Pakistan (hotels and camps) according to itinerary
  • All meals in Pakistan (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at hotels
  • All tour requirements on the ground (including, support staff, (excluding personal) etc
  • Government Permits, documentation.

Not Included

  • Travel insurance
  • Visa to Pakistan (Letter of Invitation and other supporting documents will be offered by us for visa application)
  • International flights (return tickets)
  • Tips for guides, porters, staff etc
  • Miscellaneous (drinks, telephone calls, laundry etc at hotels)
  • Souvenirs
  • Airport transfers when not booking on with flights
  • Things that are not mentioned above

Pics & Vids


DAY 1 : Arrive Islambad

Early arrival at Islamabad International airport. We transfer you to a centrally located hotel to relax and recover.

DAY 2 : Fly Skardu or Drive

Today we will either fly to Skardu in Gilgit-Baltistan, or if the flight is cancelled then take the drive on the Karakoram Highway -“KKH”.

If flying we can spend the rest of the day sightseeing in Skardu. The city is a major trekking and expedition hub in Gilgit–Baltistan. Visit its many bazars known for their hand woven woollen cloth and elaborate, colourful embroidered local gowns, or take a stroll up the hill to the ancient Fort overlooking the town. The awesome sight of the mighty Indus twisting beneath you.

If taking the Karakoram Highway, prepare for a simply astonishing journey along what was once an ancient Silk Road and now an international highway connecting Pakistan and the entire Indian subcontinent to China. Traversed for centuries by traders and travellers alike, the route will take us into the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. Passing through the Lower Hunza Valley will take your breath away.

DAY 3 : Sightingseeing Skardu or Continue the drive to Skardu

Either a Skardu sightseeing day or continue the drive to Skardu.

DAY 4 : Jeep Drive to Askole (3,048m) Drive 6-8 hrs

Leaving Skardu we set out by jeep for a 6-8 hour drive to Askole. The village is a single street of wooden houses flanked by fields of wheat and potatoes and dotted by apricot orchards. Passing initially on a good road through the Shigar Valley, once we reach the confluence of the Braldu and Shigar valley the scenery changes from green and fertile to a more desert landscape. 5000m peaks rise around you with pockets of greenery visible where streams run down and cross the now more rugged track. Sometimes landslides may make it necessary to walk short sections of the road.

DAY 5 : Trek to Korofong (3,100m) 4 hrs

A gentle but beautiful start to the trek, we will pass the snout of the Biafo Glacier on our way to Korofong (3,100m). Leaving Arkole behind we’ll walk along lanes and through fields where we’ll see local Balti people going about their daily lives. A bridge crosses the river that rushes from the glacier’s snout and we make camp on the other side in a small oasis amongst the trees at Korofong.

DAY 6 : Trek to Bardumal (3,305m) 7-8 hrs

From Korofong we follow the path up a side valley and cross the river on a good bridge that replaces the old trolley system or “jhola” that was previously used, then onwards to Jhola Camp. From here we have views of Bakhor Das (5,809m), its impressive summit a rocky fist standing above its base. It is often referred to as K2 by local villagers. In the distance the needles of Paiju Peak are visible. From Jhola we continue until arriving at Bardumal campsite.

DAY 7 : Trek to Paiju (3,383m) 3-4hrs

Taking a path that is sometimes loose and occasionally flooded in places, we may need to take off our boots to wade across. Our objective today is Paiju, a green oasis nestled beneath Paiju Peak (6,611m). From this camp we have our first views of the mammoth Baltoro Glacier which is dominated by the monumental granite walls of the Trango and Cathedral Towers.

DAY 8 : Trek to Khoburtse (3,566m) 7 hrs

Departing our camp at Paiju, a walk of approximately one hour brings us to the snout of the Baltoro Glacier. Climbing onto the glacier we’ll follow a well-used trail, nevertheless the going can be quite tricky, picking our way over the sometimes uneven surface. Gradually our trail undulates across the glacier to its south side where we continue, sometimes on the moraine and sometimes down beside the glacier, until we reach a side valley. Finally arriving at our camping spot for the night at Khorburtse.

DAY 9 : Trek to Urdukas (4,130m) 4 hrs

A shortish day but quite a puff as we gain height on the moraine. We pass the two striking towers of Great Trango and the Nameless Tower on our way to the next camp at Urdukas. Amazing views of the spectacular spires of Trango Towers to the west and across the valley and the immense rock walls of Cathedral Peak and Lobsang rising above the glacier.


DAY 10 : Rest day / Acclimatising day at Urdukas

A rest day to acclimatise, take in the scenery, enjoy a relaxed walk through alpine flower meadows and prepare for the next stage of the expedition.

DAY 11 : Trek to Goro 2 (4,250m) Trek 7 hrs

Taking the trail onto the Baltoro Glacier, we will pass the Yermanandu Glacier which flows from Masherbrum, and have views of Muztagh (7,270m), Masherbrum (7,800m) and Gasherbrum IV. Ledges have been levelled out on the glacier to make our campsite and we’ll notice the drop in temperature that the altitude and camping on the ice brings.


DAY 12 : Trek to Concordia (4,600m) Trek 6 hrs

Our journey continues up the Baltoro glacier, the sight of Gasherbrum IV encouraging us ahead. There will be occasional glimpses of Gasherbrum ll (8035m), until the aptly named Broad Peak (8051m) comes into view above the ridge that connects Marble Peak and Crystal Peak. The anticipation builds for our first sight of K2, hidden until we reach Concordia, when abruptly it appears before us – an astonishing sight, its peak towering almost 4000 metres from the valley floor to the summit. Camping at Concordia, within 24 kilometres of four eight-thousanders and ten of the world’s thirty highest peaks is an experience that will stay forever etched in your memory.

DAY 13 : Trek to Broad Peak Base Camp (5,000m) Trek 5-6 hrs

Our route now passes through a tangle of ice fins and ridges before attaining the moraine of the Godwin Austen glacier. Broad Peak Base Camp gives us one of the best views of K2 and is located on this moraine near the base of climbing route on Broad Peak.

DAY 14 : Trek to K2 Base Camp (5,117m) Camp

A last push up to reach K2 Base Camp. Camping overnight here, allowing us time to take in the atmosphere and serenity of these stunning peaks. We will visit the Art Gilkey Memorial on the way to K2 BC which is a sad memorial to many climbers who have died on K2.

DAY 15 : Trek back to Concordia (4,600m) Trek 7-8 hrs

Today we will slowly make our way back down to Concordia. Looking forward to a day of relaxation ahead.

DAY 16 : Rest day in Concordia (4,600m)

An opportunity to relax and reflect on the trip whilst savouring the sight of the amazing backdrop of mountains

DAY 17 : Trek to Gasherbrum I-II base camp (5100m) Trek 5-6 hrs

Upwards again today to Gasherbrum I-II base camp. We have beautiful views from this camp of Gasherbrum I or, as it’s also known, Hidden peak.

DAY 18 : Trek and back to Concordia (4,600m) Trek 5-6 hrs

Descending once again to the spectacular and now familiar Concordia, with views that you could never tire of.

DAY 19-23 : Descent via Goro, Khoburtse, Paiju, Jhola to Askole

Beginning our leisurely descent to the trailhead at Askole with the giant peaks and towers at our backs, we can enjoy the trail from a different perspective. The drop in altitude providing more oxygen and warmth to match our satisfied glow of achievement

DAY 24 : Jeep to Skardu Jeep 6-8 hrs

Our jeep negotiating the steep hairpin descent, the route eventually levels out as we head back to Skardu and the comfort of a soft bed and hot shower.

DAY 25 : Fly to Islamabad or Drive in case off no flights

We will again take the amazing flight through the heart of the Karakorum Mountains to return to Islamabad.  If the flights are cancelled then we will have to drive the amazing Karakorum Highway.

DAY 26 : Islamabad sight seeing or drive in case of no flights

Islamabad sight seeing or drive in case of no flights

DAY 27 : Fly home.

Depart for home after an amazing adventure

These are subject to minor changes depending on flight arrival and departure times, weather, group dynamics and fitness and so on, but the itinerary outlined provides an excellent indication of the trek and what you will experience.

Kit List

Please get in touch with the office as this is yet to be updated on the website.


Visa and flights

How safe is Pakistan and where we are trekking.

There have been some reports of ISIS in Pakistan, but only in the southern and central parts of Pakistan, but none in the independent Gilgit Baltiustan area where we are going.

There were incidents of Taliban in the north west area near the Afghan border which had been resolved by Pakistan police. We are going to the north east near India. The good news is that tourist have been returning in the last few years with increased safety with the new PM Imran Khan actively encouraging tourism, as indicted with William and Kate recently traveling there.

for more information please visit https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/pakistan

How do I get a Pakistan Visa

We will supply you with a Letter of Invitation and you can apply online at https://visa.nadra.gov.pk/

What airline fly to Pakistan

Most of the major airline fly to Islamabad. Best connections are from the Middle East. So Emirates, Qatar, Etihad.

Also from the UK, PIA fly direct to Islambad from a number of UK cities.

If we cant fly due to weather what will the plan be? drive kkh

Yes if there is bad weather and flights are cancelled we will drive the Karakorum Highway. Taking 2 days. Staying in a local hotel overnight. We will also drive the Babusar La route.

The drive is against FCO advice, how do I get insurance cover for this area.

Insurance is available from some specialised insurance companies. .

We can recommend these Insurance companies to you, please ask 360 office

If I need to leave the expedition early for medical reasons what is the evac plan

We have a very extensive risk expedition plan and Evacuation plan is part of that. But basically the Evac will depend of the illness/injury. From Heli Evac to escorted walk out.

Can you get Helicopters in for emergency use.

Helicopters for life threatening Evacuation is available with the Pakistan Army. Note Pakistan is not like Nepal where there are many helicopter companies and easily available for charter. The Army provides an Emergency Evac service only.

What sat phones work in this area.

Thuraya Sat Phones work in this area, and we will can one for emergency use and for keeping in touch regularly with 360 HQ.

What is mobile and 4g coverage like?

There is good 3G and 4G mobile phone coverage up to Skardu and then None.

Do we have a mess tent for the evenings?

Yes we will have a mess tent for meals and to relaxing in once we arrive at camp. Also toilet tent and personnel tents.

What tents are provided and will they be set up for us each day?

We will have locally made Mountain Dome tents. These will be setup up with camp by our local staff before we arrive at camp.

Are mattresses / roll matts provided mattresses

No. you will need to bring a sleeping mat. A Thermrest or similar type.

Are we supported by mules ?

This will depend on the local guide logistics. There maybe some mules, but also some porters.

How much kit do I have to carry?

You just need to carry a normal trek day pack carrying what you need for the day. So jacket, rain pants camera, snacks, sun cream, water etc.

What is the weight limit of my porter bag?

Porters/Mules will carry your main kit bag. The weight limit for this is 12.5kg

Where does fresh water come from?

Fresh water come from the side river on the early days of the trek. On the glacier days we get the water from the natural rivers on the  glacier. We sterialise with chorine dioxide and by boiling.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.. how fresh will the meals be ?

All meals are prepared fresh everyday.

We carry fresh food from Skardu.

The food is very similar to trek food in Nepal.

How much do you recommend that we have for tipping?

We recommend approximately 200 USD per trekker as a tip. This will be pooled and distributed to the staff. The trek leader will advise on the appropriate breakdown on the staff tips.

How much extra money do i need to take with me

This will depend on hope much sourivenr shopping you wish to do. But approximately 300 USD (including the 200 USD tip recommendation) should be fine for snacks drinks and general shopping.

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