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The Pyrenees

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    5 days

  • Weather

  • Physical


  • Technical


  • P1 - Gentle walking over relatively flat terrain. A light day sack up to 4kg may be required to be carried. Suitable for those with minimal exercise experience.

    Visit our Grading Information page for a full overview.

  • T1 - No technical skills are needed.  A good steady walking ability only is required.

    Visit our Grading Information page for a full overview.

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Jump into this unique adventure combining the best of a 360 adventure with expert life and mindset coaching. Harriet Barcella and Kaley Hayes are two life and mindset coaches with a passion for supporting women to step into a life they love. At the same time they have both had life changing experiences on 360 adventures. So they decided to combine the two. An epic adventure in the Pyrenees with a small group of women, group and individual coaching and the camaraderie that comes from being with a group of women all seeking the same things.

You will start the expedition out right with a one to one goal setting session before you even set off on your adventure. Then whilst you’re away you will enjoy daily group coaching and the opportunity for one to one walk and talk coaching on demand. All this alongside the stunning backdrop of the Pyrenees mountains, challenging and inspiring you each day as you get out to explore and immerse yourself in these breath-taking mountains.

This is your chance to get out of your comfort zone, to challenge yourself, to truly switch off from the to do list and the overwhelm of the day to day. A chance to get back to nature, to remind yourself who you are and what matters to you and to find clarity and purpose. All this in the company of other women all looking to empower and support one another. This promises to be a truly transformational adventure – one that’s not to be missed.

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Date & Prices

For private trips or bespoke itineraries inc. different dates, please contact the 360 office on 0207 1834 360.
A monthly payment plan is possible, please contact the office to chat through the options.

For private trips or bespoke itineraries inc. different dates, please contact the 360 office on 0207 1834 360.
A monthly payment plan is possible, please contact the office to chat through the options.

Departure & Return


Price (excl. flight)

Price (incl. flight UK-UK)

Start: 15 May 2024
End: 19 May 2024

Price without flights:  £1,997

Coached by Harriet and Kaley
Guided by Rolfe Oostra

15 May 2024

19 May 2024

5 days



Coached by Harriet and Kaley
Guided by Rolfe Oostra


  • Airport transfer to and from Toulouse
  • Trip costs based on a minimum of 6 pax joining
  • Guided walks with one of our highly experienced guides for the whole week
  • 1 x 45 minute goal setting coaching session 1 to 1 with either Harriet Barcella or Kaley Hayes
  • Light touch group and individual coaching throughout the expedition (there will be plenty of time to decompress and relax too!)
  • 90 minute follow up 1 to 1 coaching session to solidify learnings and set a plan for moving forward.
  • 4 nights of accommodation based on 2 sharing at a local guesthouse with breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner
  • Cotswold Outdoor discount
  • Monthly payment plan, on request

Not Included

  • Flights (we share flight details of the group so you can arrive on same or similar flights)
  • Additional kit
  • Insurance
  • Final dinner
  • Alcohol
  • Any additional costs associated with leaving the expedition early

Pics & Vids


DAY 1 : 4 October: Fly to Toulouse – transfer to Luchon     

We’ll collect you from Toulouse airport to transfer to the charming spa town of Luchon nestled in the Pyrenees mountains, where you’ll have time to settle into your guest house. Depending on time, we may have time for a short local wander to stretch the legs and settle into your scenic surroundings before a delicious home-cooked meal at your guesthouse. (D)

DAY 2 : 5 October: Lac de Bareilles

After a hearty breakfast we’ll be heading up to the tucked away ski resort of Bourg d’Ouiel to the beginning of our walk up to the Lac de Bareilles. We’ll be passing through ancient farmlands where we may still come across flocks of sheep before heading on up to the Col de Peyrefitte [1859m] where the views stretch for miles in every direction. We then follow a gentle downhill to Lac de Bareilles where keen swimmers may want to take a cooling dip. After a relaxing couple of hours, we’ll meander back to Bourg d’ouiel before returning to our guesthouse for a locally-sourced dinner. (BLD)

DAY 3 : 6 October: Superbagneres – Grange D’astau

Today we’ll be trekking along a section of the famed GR10, the long distance footpath which links the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of France. After a transfer up to the local ski resort of Superbagneres, we set off trekking up to Col de la Coume de la Bourg and over to Col d’Espingo. Here we will be treated to truly breath-taking views over the range of nearby 3000m peaks and the chance to see plenty of griffon vultures circling the skies. And if we are lucky, we may even spot lammergeiers and Egyptian or golden eagles who are also native to the Pyrenees. We’ll be picked up at the Grange d’Astau to head back to base for dinner and rest. (BLD)

DAY 4 : 7 October: Hospice de France

We’ll be heading up to the Hospice de France, a picturesque ancient travellers rest which sits at the bottom of the Port de Venasque. The Port de Venasque marks the border between France and Spain and has been used from time immemorial as a pedestrian route between the two countries, and through the war as one of the less trodden escape routes. There are a variety of beautiful walks from the Hospice and depending on how everyone’s feeling we’ll choose a route that suits the team. We’ll transfer back to our guesthouse before heading out into the local town of Bagneres de Luchon for a final dinner and celebration in France. (BL)

DAY 5 : 8 October: Transfer to Toulouse and fly home

Depending on your flight times you can spend the morning relaxing in Luchon, feasting on crepes and galettes or souvenir shopping, the morning is yours!

We will let you know of the departure timings, and transfer later in the day to Toulouse Airport for our flights home. (B)

These are subject to minor changes depending on weather, group dynamics and fitness and so on, but the itinerary outlined provides an excellent indication of the weekend break and what you will experience.

Kit List



Essential for protection from the sun


Worth spending money on good UV filters.  Julbo is our preferred supplier

Wide brimmed hat

Keeps the sun off exposed areas like ears and the nape of the neck


Essential for protection from the sun and dust

Upper Body

Fleece top/jacket or Softshell

Trekking tops (one should be long sleeved)

Quick-wicking moisture tops such as polypropylene/polyester recommended rather than cotton). One should be long sleeved

Waterproof jacket (Outer layer)

Gore-Tex or event seam sealed are recommended and big enough to fit over a couple of layers. This jacket will also serve as a great windproof too

Lower Body


Trekking trousers

These tend to be polyester so they dry quickly after a shower and weigh little in your pack. Consider perhaps a pair with detachable lower legs as an alternative to shorts


Boots / approach shoes

Trekking socks

Single layer or wearing 2 pairs is a personal choice and lighter weight merino wool is a good option

Comfortable trainers / flip flops / crocks

For the camp life and evenings

Evening Wear

Change of clothing for evenings

Comfortable clothes for the evening



Don’t forget this! Your passport should have at least 6 months validity.  With your passport expiry date at least six months after the final day of travel.

Copy of passport

Just in case

Travel insurance

Copy of own travel insurance details.  And relevant contact numbers.

We have a partnership with True Traveller and would recommend that you contact them when looking for travel insurance for your trip with 360. However, it is vital that you ensure that the insurance cover they offer is suitable for you, taking your personal circumstances (items to be insured, cancellation cover, medical history) into account. Many other insurance providers are available and we do recommend that you shop around to get the best cover for you on the expedition you are undertaking.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate insurance for your intended trip.  To include medical evacuation and coverage up to the maximum altitude of this trip.


Water bottles / bladder

2L capacity either in a combination of bladder and Nalgene bottle or just Nalgene bottles


Wash kit

Keep it simple on the mountain. Essentials are toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant. Moisturiser is advisable, everything else is a luxury!

Travel towel

Travel towels from the likes of Lifesystems are perfect


Med-kit and personal medication

We carry an extensive medical kit for emergency first aid however you need to be self sufficient for the following items that you carry with your during the day: painkillers (both Paracetamol and Ibuprofen), blister plasters / zinc oxide tape and personal medication

Bags & Packs


15 – 25L rucksack with a good waist belt. To carry your own spare clothing, water, camera, and all your personal kit including, snacks and water and a whistle for safety provisions

Waterproof rucksack cover

To protect rucksack from rain

Please feel free to call the office to chat about anything on the kit list or ask for advice. We offer a Cotswolds discount – when you sign up, we will give you the code you can use to start shopping.



Who are our coaches?

Harriet Barcella is a life and mindset coach with a passion for adventure and an obsession with finding joy in the everyday. The third of four sisters, she has spent her life being inspired and empowered by incredible women. Her ability to embrace the joy in the small things, look for the positives and to be acutely aware of what is important to her are skills that she empowers her clients to embrace. Harriet believes in the transformational power of learning from our experiences and knows first hand how the mountains can provide that opportunity. She can’t wait to support you to take those lessons from the mountains and transfer them into your everyday life whilst at the same time having the experience of a lifetime.

Kaley Hayes is a coach who specialises in helping families thrive. She is inspired by lessons learned from children – be yourself, express yourself, hold boundaries, learn enthusiastically and welcome life with enthusiasm and energy! Her life experience as a mother, step-mother, educator, coach and mentor, along with her can-do attitude, enable her to balance nurturing, inspiring, and results in her practice. Kaley values the idea of living authentically and supports families and individuals, to work within the realm of what really matters to them in all its uniqueness. Having grown up in South Africa, calling the mountains, rivers and oceans home, Kaley is excited to combine her love of coaching with the greatest lessons – those provided by nature.

Which coach will I work with? 

Over the course of the trip you will work with both Kaley and Harriet. Each of them will lead coaching activities for the group. However, coaching relies heavily on the rapport of the coach and the coachee so we will always ensure that your choice is taken into consideration when it comes to 1 to 1 coaching so that you are able to work with the coach who resonates with you the most and with whom you feel you will get the best results. 

What do you mean by 'coaching activities'?

We will use group coaching methods to really capitalise on the learnings we have from the mountain. This might mean some journalling exercises, group conversations, shared guided mediation or other activities. These will depend on the dynamic of the group  and will be carefully planned to ensure that we support each individual to meet their aims. All we ask is that you come to them with a willingness to be vulnerable, authentic and open. 

The Trek

How fit do I need to be?

Although we’re not at altitude, or in somewhere like the Himalayas, having a good level of fitness and practicing uphill trekking will put you in good stead for this adventure.

There will be plenty of time for admiring the view, coaching and guiding, and rest stops.

However, if you make an effort with fitness before coming out you’ll enjoy it far more than if you are struggling up every hill each day barely able to notice the spectacular views.

Food and Water

Where do we get drinking water from?

You will be able to fill your water bottles at your accommodation at the start of each day. We advise you bring enough for your day’s outing. However, our guide will carry a small amount of spare water and we may cross streams that you could be able to drink from in various places if you run out.

Do you provide snacks during this expedition? Or do you recommend that we bring our own?

Your meals will be included as per the itinerary, however do bring some of your favourite snacks from home, a range of fast and slow release energy snacks. The pure ‘energy’ style bars which are solid are quite tough to eat on the mountain so go with simple things. Flapjacks, shortbread, sweets, nuts and chocolate are great, snacks that you’re going to really look forward to eating and which will give you energy.


What will the accommodation be like?

You will be staying at a charming gite a stones throw from the heart of the Luchon mountain town. Here you will have group sessions in the evenings and time to reset. There will be showers, toilets, and twin-sharing rooms.


What rucksack do I need?

A rucksack of around 25-30L should do you just fine. You will simply need to carry your layers and waterproof, lunch and snacks, water, sunglasses and basic first aid kit for each day.

If you are borrowing or buying a rucksack, ask someone to help you adjust it to fit your back. And ensure you are making these adjustments with weight inside it, not empty. Generally it should sit reasonably high on your back so that the weight is acting vertically downwards, not forcing your shoulders back or drooping past your backside. Again, it’s about how you feel comfortable wearing it and important to get right.

Make sure too that it is either waterproof or you have a waterproof cover for your rucksack. It’s not a bad idea to pack your gear into waterproof stuffs sacs, or even bin bags, in case of a deluge.

Do we need any technical gear for this?

No, this is a trek, so standard walking gear outlined in the kit list should suffice. Walking poles are optional.


Flights aren’t included what time should I arrive and depart to Toulouse?

We haven’t included flights as this gives you options from the UK. There are many flights that come to Toulouse daily from many different airports.

It’s important that we check flight schedules before confirming a pickup time with you, as we want to make sure you can actually make it to Toulouse on time. We will confirm what time you should aim to arrive in Toulouse as we draw closer to your departure date.

We will also check flight schedules before deciding what time we do an airport drop off.

Once you know the above, please find flights that work for these timings, or plan to have the night before and/or night after in Toulouse.

If there are any issues with booking your flights, please let us know and we will try and help however it might mean getting a hire car/train or taxi to your start / finish point.

Bagneres de Luchon is 1h 40 mins drive away.


Will I need insurance for this trip?

You must carry individual travel insurance to take part in the expedition. We cannot take you on the mountain without proof of insurance.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate insurance for your intended trip. To include medical evacuation and coverage up to the maximum altitude of this trip.

Your insurance details are requested on the booking form, however this can be arranged at a later date. 360 Expeditions will be requesting your insurance details 8 weeks before your departure.

Great hospitality all round! I wouldn’t hesitate to do more trips with 360 in the Pyrenees. Thank you for everything Marni and Rolfe!

Katheryn Mccambridge
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