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Amanda Bond

Head of Product, Marketing & Sales

A lifelong adventurer, Amanda studied geography at the University of St Andrews, and made the leap after graduating for a year of travel back in 2007. One year turned into many, and an introductory day of diving led to the next several years travelling and working as a dive instructor and expedition leader around Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, to name just a few.

Having studied the Himalayas at university, when she had the opportunity to trek over the Khumbu Glacier to Everest Base Camp she jumped at the chance, and the dive exploits were intertwined with climbing adventures too, hiking the Great Wall of China, climbing Kilimanjaro and trekking volcanoes in Indonesia. Time followed travelling and working in Asia, Africa and Australia, then she relinquished the nomadic lifestyle and returned to the UK in late 2016 to be closer to family and friends, and worked for a UK travel company specialising in creating bespoke trips to Africa and helping to research and write Bradt guides.

After absolutely loving her trips to Jordan and Mt Elbrus with 360 Expeditions, Amanda was delighted to join the (all-female!) 360 office team in early 2020, working with Marni and Helen on marketing and sales and helping to create even more exciting expeditions for 360.


What was your first adventure?

My earliest adventures were summers spent on the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Hebrides when we were little, to stay with our Nan. Weeks of beach time, climbing, building dams, fishing, bottle feeding lambs, watching for the resident otters, skimming stones into tranquil lochs… It definitely led to my love for the outdoors, and to being by the mountains and the sea!

What has been your most memorable adventure?

I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to make the last few years into one big adventure!! But, the most memorable has to have been part of the group leading an expedition to Woleai Atoll, a tiny, remote island far to the east of Micronesia. A team from NASA and the San Francisco Exploratorium chartered us to get them there, as it was the only bit of land from which you’d be able to view totality of the 2016 solar eclipse. The combination of an awe-inspiring eclipse, remote island exploration, trekking through jungle to find old WW2 wreckage and artefacts, scuba diving and hiking along deserted beaches made for a once in a lifetime trip!

A close second would be my recent trip to Elbrus – due to weather conditions we ended up going through plans A, B, C… in quick succession, but our amazing guides Jo, Oleg and Ben managed to figure a last ditch attempt to¬† get us up the mountain. We didn’t quite make the summit before a storm rolled in, but friendships were made to last a lifetime – and the summit is still there waiting for us!

To Marni and the Team in France, and Stuart and the Team on the mountain – we are in awe. We will never forget. To the reader – choose wisely where you place your trust. When things go wrong it could cost you very dearly. 360 Expeditions were our researched leaders of choice for this trek. 360 Expeditions will remain our leaders of choice.

Dave, Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route
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