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Lizzie Wright

Team Leader

Lizzie has been one of Singapore’s leading female Personal Trainers and Online Coaches for the last 6 years, and she has been following her passion for adventures her whole life. More recently, since 2015  her huge love for the mountains has developed, exploring Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal and much more. Some of Lizzie’s most notable achievements to date have been Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, running 120km, the 58km width, and north to south 36km around Singapore, to 105km Ultra Marathons in Borneo and multiple marathons.

With more adventures planned for the future, she wants to show the magic of what these journeys can bring to your life, how they change them and leave you with experiences you’ll be talking about for a lifetime. You can visit Lizzie’s Instagram here.

A word from Lizzie: “I have never felt more alive or connected to myself and the world when I am doing crazy challenges to trekking through some of the world’s most insane mountain ranges. Pushing limits is a huge part of my life, but also the amount of resilience that comes with it too. I am so excited to take you to Kilimanjaro – it was one of the most magical trips I have been on! Here’s to making memories and new friendships.”

I have had the best experiences of my life on the mountain with 360.  I have also had the incredible support from Marni and Helen who have given the confidence and have been there for me for any little thing including my almost nervous breaks downs before a climb when I feel I am not ready or I can’t do the climb – they have always responded to me straight away and have always been part of my journey.

Kam, Cho Oyu
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