Everest 2019: The tick list never ends!

Expedition: Everest via the North Col

Rolfe Oostra

If you like ticking lists then you would have loved being here in Kathmandu with us today. 4 days until we leave for Tibet and get our Everest North expedition on the road!

1. Check that 4 boxes of luxury food items are here and have correct content. Tick
2. Meet chef and give him food list to get in market. Tick
3. Go to hospital and source 10 vials of Dexamethasone. Tick
4. Meet Sherpa team. Tick
5. Give Sherpa team new Berghaus down jackets, hats and T-shirts. Tick
6. Give chef and basecamp team new jackets. Tick
7. Give everyone new La Sportiva Mont High Altitude climbing boots. Tick
8. Re-stock first aid kit with updated medicine. Tick
9. Locate personal barrel of climbing kit. Tick
10. Do podcast video with Joe Bonnington. Tick
11. Track clients who are already in Kathmandu, organise place to meet. Tick
12. Negotiate visa forms for entry into Tibet. Tick
13. Buy SIM card. Tick
14. Buy computer software. Tick
15. Buy batteries for radios and avalanche transceivers. Tick
16. Meet ground crew to sort meeting. Tick
17. Update social media. Tick
18. Organise transfers for incoming clients. Tick

The crazy thing about this list and I suspect most lists is that the more you tick off the longer the list gets! Call it magic. Can’t wait to cross the border into Tibet and get the expedition started. I hear that Tibetans don’t do lists!


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