360 Ethos

360 was formed by Rolfe Oostra, Hermione (Marni), and Raj Joshi while snowed in the high mountains of the Pyrenees 360 "Born In The Mountains Made For Adventure". We came together with our exceptional knowledge as two respected, accomplished and well-known mountaineers and expedition leaders, and in Marni's case in the support role to a leader, with decades of collective experience. We are passionate to provide you with a unique and unparalleled adventure... Read More>

Our skills gained operating in some of the remotest regions and harshest environments in the world, either leading expeditions or through the military, has provided us with the expertise to offer you a variety of trips to suit all abilities. We also specialise in bespoke expeditions to far flung places. On our more popular expeditions we always look to take the less trodden route. At the heart of 360 we believe in giving back to the world we live in. Rolfe Marni & Raj, have spent a lifetime travelling into remote communities to over 35 different countries, and finding good ways to give back to communities they have travelled to by working with both companies and charities, they have been successful in raising over £1 million pounds for charities, and through this they have developed a unique service to help companies or charities with their needs in creating a responsible future and giving back in a meaningful way, making a real difference. Our standard is high and we feel that we are already creating a step-change within our industry.

The Local Teams

Rolfe and Raj have spent years on expeditions with our local crews, either through work or their own personal climbs. Not only have they built an excellent rapport with the local sherpas, porters, guides, cooks, and all involved but they all have now become firm friends... Read More>

This has enabled us to hand pick our local teams, so that every trip has the best people to look after you, ensuring safety (which is paramount) and helping to fulfil your dreams and ambitions. In return we continually strive to do our best to look after our local staff by working with reputed organisations, such as IMEC and their Partnership for Responsible Travel, Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project and others to improve working conditions and livelihoods of those who work with us.


With our expeditions we try to include as much as possible in the overall price to give you a realistic budget of what the trip will cost you in total, rather than keep adding on what you need to pay for prior to departure or when in-country... Read More>

Our Leaders have dealt with uncomfortable situations on countless occasions when working outside of 360, with participants having to dig further into their pockets due to hidden costs. Our advertised price is designed to include these ‘hidden extras’ and we are transparent with any additional costs that may be incurred, to allow you to focus on getting the most out of your trip rather than worrying about untimely financial surprises.

Office Staff

Our attention to detail doesn't just stop with our 360 Leaders and local teams. Our offce staff have a huge amount of travelling and field experience themselves, which helps them understand what you want from your trip.. Read More>

Everything from comprehensive, yet salient and common sense information prior to your trip, to offering knowledgeable advice and support when necessary, to teams on the ground during an expedition, to liaising with you and listening to your thoughts and feedback after you return.


360 employs only the very best Leaders in the industry. We know from personal experience that these remarkable individuals can make or break an expedition... Read More>

All our 360 Leaders bring considerable knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise to every expedition. As well as being your guide, comfort and support, our Leaders have an extensive range of abilities such as in depth wilderness first aid and survival skills, heightened cultural awareness, field communication proficiency to name but a few, but equally importantly they have a dedicated and caring attitude towards you. Your success is their success. Many clients leave their comfort boundaries while out in the field with us, emotionally and physically. You will always have the utmost support from your leader and the whole 360 team.


Your safety is paramount. This is why we have a doctor with a phenomenal amount of expedition experience overseeing all medical aspects behind the scenes. .. Read More>

This involves confidentially assessing any medical problems you may have prior to a challenge and deciding whether that challenge is safe for you, answering any questions or worries you may have about medical matters, assembling comprehensive medical kits for our expeditions and designing protocols for our 360 Leaders to give relevant medication if necessary. In addition to this, a robust system of communication and casualty evacuation planning helps make your safety our top priority. You have the option on our Elite expeditions of being accompanied by one of our incredible expedition medics, who are both practising doctors or surgeons and part time explorers.

Group Size

The number of participants is kept to a level where our quality is maintained. We do not want to be a company where you become a number on the mountain or a blur after the expedition has finished, therefore we have a strict cut off point so as not to allow our groups become too big. .. Read More>

We strongly believe that by doing this our 360 Leaders are able to look after you more carefully and you will find the group dynamics work much better than when travelling in high numbers, and therefore your success rate and enjoyment level increases immeasurably.


We are proud to be ATOL protected and use only quality airlines where possible. We spend time sourcing convenient and more direct routes to help enrich your journey. .. Read More>

After time spent away on an amazing trip, it seems a sad end to have long, tiring stopovers and exhausting marathon flights – we avoid this as much as possible, both for you and our Leaders, who are equally happy to be heading home to see loved ones.


We are confident that on each and every trip you will have an enjoyable time and incredible experience when heading out with us. This is reflected in our unparalleled success rate and with all our testimonials. We can’t promise you that you will reach the objective every time, but so many have and we will try very hard with you, and we can promise you a lot of fun and adventure along the way. So please get in touch and ask as many questions as you wish – we are here to help fuel your enthusiasm for adventure and thereafter to help put your dreams into a reality.

See you soon…
360 Team