RAW & 360

This is a union of passion and expertise and a no-brainer for both RAW Adventures and 360 Expeditions. Simply put, why reinvent the wheel? RAW are experts in delivering UK adventures and 360 are experts in delivering overseas expeditions. We have now joined forces fully supporting each other in delivering worldwide and world-class adventures and expeditions to all. .. Read More>

Meet the RAW 360 team!

Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and professional sums us all up! Both RAW and 360 have dedicated office teams, who will be using their expertise to fully support and look after you throughout your journey. .. Read More>

UK Adventures

Jumping onto a UK adventure couldn’t be easier. The moment you feel inspired by a UK adventure, contact the 360 team and we will hand you over to RAW who will walk you through all the exciting challenges and possibilities, including supplying you with expedition details, costs, dates and variables. .. Read More>

UK Teasers

The UK is packed full of possibilities, and we can pull some pretty epic adventures out of the bag! Here are some of the favourites: .. Read More>

Overseas Charity Challenges

We know that if you are a charity and have been on a UK adventure with RAW you will probably be thinking “what’s next?!” This is where 360 jumps into action! .. Read More>

Charity Challenges made easy: The nuts and bolts

We run this sector on a bespoke basis and personalise each request to suit you and your requirements. If you are a charity and wish to explore an overseas challenge, then we look forward to chatting through all that we can offer showcasing how we can support you from the get-go. It’s easier than you may think... Read More>

Charity Teasers

The world offers many exciting possibilities for charity challenges both the classics and bespoke. Here are a few of our favorites that we have operated countless times which have helped charities raise hundreds of thousands of pounds while creating valuable awareness for their amazing cause:.. Read More>


To make that expedition all a little easier, we are experts at sorting out flights! We are proud to be ATOL protected and use only quality airlines. .. Read More>


We are confident that whether you’re a UK trekker or a charity looking for an overseas challenge our dedication and expertise will allow you to have an incredible experience when heading out with RAW 360. This is reflected in our unparalleled success rate and with all our testimonials. We can’t promise you that you will reach the objective every time, but we can promise you a lot of fun and adventure along the way. So please get in touch and ask as many questions as you wish – we are here to help fuel your enthusiasm for adventure and help make your dreams into a reality.

See you soon…