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Expedition: Toubkal (All Seasons)

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There are many ways to experience a country or mountain – ranging from travelling on a shoestring to the utmost luxury. 360 love the less trodden paths that feel like a precious discovery and finding truly authentic experiences shared with locals, packed with culture and unquestionable memories of a lifetime. Isn’t it the weird and wonderful moments on your travels that you remember the most, after all?


When it comes to most things in life – you get what you pay. That doesn’t mean through the nose but it means a fair price for everyone involved. So, where does it really count to put your money when you are choosing who to travel with?

Let’s dive into our Toubkal expedition to show you where to strike a balance…


Priding ourselves on working with the very best in the business, we pay our local teams and 360 guides fairly, and therefore attract a high standard of guide with heaps of experience. They not only enhance your safety but also provide valuable insights, stories, and a deeper understanding of the destination. An experienced guide who knows the terrain, culture, and can handle unexpected situations is worth every penny. Their expertise can turn a good trip into an extraordinary one. It takes years to cement the connections that we have but it means we are 100% confident in our team and logistics and are incredibly proud of the outstanding people we work with.

Local guides on Toubkal summit


Getting some shuteye after a day of trekking is crucial and after a busy expedition it is such a treat to return to gorgeous local riads and have a touch of ‘luxury’ to finish up. After trekking and exploring, a comfortable place to rest and recharge is invaluable – particularly to make sure you have the energy for the next day’s adventures.

Not just staying in stunning places at the end of the expeditions, we have also added in a real treat for when you head back from the summit. We stay above Imlil in a beautifully authentic farmhouse that’s been lovingly restored. It’s a unique opportunity to experience the destination more deeply, interact with locals, and appreciate the history and heritage of the place. This has fast become a highlight for many and is considered a very special experience. “360 has delivered again”, “what a place!” Going from the rustic refuge huts in the mountains to experiencing some of the tucked away treasures makes your experience all the richer.


Food is undeniably a crucial aspect of any expedition. Food is not only fuel, psychologically it is the back bone to our trips. After hours of trekking and exertion, the body needs nourishment to replenish energy and recover. Hearty and fresh meals provide the necessary sustenance to keep participants going, especially at high altitudes where the demand on the body is greater. A satisfying meal not only fuels the body but also uplifts spirits. It can be a source of motivation, helping the team to push through challenging moments during the expedition.

It is truly amazing what the locals can conjure up on the side of a mountain. The taste of the food and the communal experience of sharing meals with fellow trekkers can create lasting memories. Travellers often reminisce about the culinary delights long after the expedition has concluded.

Tasty food on Toubkal..

No nasty surprises

The price you see is the price you get – we strive to include all meals and accommodation with upfront inclusions and exclusions and an inclusive overall cost so you know exactly what you are signing up for. You can budget for the trip effectively, knowing that you won’t be faced with hidden costs in the lead up to your trip.

You might spot a bargain deal that seems ‘too good to be true’ and as you might have guessed it, it often turns out to be just that… regardless of the hugely important factor that a company or group may be paying the local teams far less than they deserve or that they can be cutting corners, you can also be lumped with further payments that soon add up.

Safety & logistics

Investing in safety measures is non-negotiable. This includes the quality of equipment, emergency response plans, and the training of staff to handle unforeseen circumstances. Prioritizing safety may require additional expenses, but it’s crucial for the well-being of the travellers and the team.

Properly maintained equipment, comfortable accommodations, reliable transportation, and well-planned itineraries are areas where you shouldn’t cut corners. These aspects contribute to the overall comfort and safety of your journey.

Toubkal views


Many companies have sexy websites and big statements but when the price is low, begin to scratch the surface and you will find smoke and mirrors. We have industry knowledge of what really happens behind the scenes around tree planting, carbon off setting and % going to some charity… We have tried and tested out cheaper outfitters out of curiosity – it was an unsettling experience each time knowing how little the muleteer or porters were being paid and with no insurance or safety net in place. Behaving in a socially responsible way to us means fair pay for our teams, looking after our local guides and investing them. They are a crucial part of your experience.

When you cut costs, the only bottom line this impacts is the locals at the middle or end of the food chain. And it is these very individuals who make the trips come alive and even possible. Supporting local teams is not only ethical but also beneficial for the local economy. Fairly compensating local staff, including porters, cooks, and other team members, ensures they have a vested interest in making your trip memorable. It also contributes to the well-being of the communities you visit. By fairly compensating local staff, you contribute to the economic well-being of the region, helping to lift individuals and families out of poverty.

Sustainable and ethical practices contribute to the long-term viability of the travel industry. It ensures that destinations remain attractive and viable for future generations of travellers.

So how can I save money?

Buy once, buy well – if you have top quality logistics in place you won’t have to shell out on replacements, forgotten details, supplementary food, and last minute changes. But most of all, you won’t pay for a repeat expedition a year later due to not reaching the summit, getting ill or not having a decent plan for all eventualities. Pay once and do it right!

Toubkal trekkers Morocco

Properly maintained equipment, comfortable accommodations, reliable transportation, and well-planned itineraries are areas where you shouldn’t cut corners. These aspects contribute to the overall comfort and safety of your journey.

It is important to know what you are signing up for and where you are putting your hard earnt money. Hopefully with a little insight you can make well informed decisions on how you travel! Feel free to get in touch with the team to chat with us about those finer details that make the magic really happen!

We are very open and honest about our competitors. Some are great and we will tell you so and some simply are not and when things unravel they do so spectacularly. Let us help you to avoid these pitholes and help you have an honest, fair and safe expedition that gives as much to you as it does to the locals.

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