Manaslu here we come…

Expedition: Manaslu Summit

Team 360

All usual good craziness here in the Pyrenees at the moment as the days are rapidly  falling off the calendar and it won’t be long before I head out to Nepal for this Autumns expedition to Manaslu (8,156m.)

This summer has been filled with sport-climbing action, several alpine ascents of the Pyrenean high peaks, two expeditions to Elbrus and lots of family outdoor activity so specific training for this mountain has been put on the back-burner. Although I might squeeze in a run on Monday after I have finished packing. Essentially you could say that my job keeps me on my toes and that I’ll use the 8-day approach walk to tune into the mountain both mentally and physically.

But boy! What an expedition it’s going to be: coming along are 4 uber fit and experienced climbers who will for their first-time attempt an 8,000m peak. The excitement, trepidations and expectations are all a hundredfold more than those experienced pre-departure for a 6,000m peak and it is great sharing in this energy.

Secretly I feel I have an unfair advantage when it comes to the kit as I have been generously outfitted by the superb Berghaus team with a specialist high altitude down suit, climbing trousers mid-layers, base layers etc. In fact, my entire wardrobe (excluding underpants ) will proudly be wearing the Berghaus label. For all of us this is going to be the adventure of a lifetime and it’s a huge bonus that we are traveling in my favourite country to do it!

Why don’t you follow our progress on facebook and twitter and share the excitement of my team’s expedition to this spectacular mountain!

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