4 reasons & 4 pictures why the K2, Broad Peak, GI & GII Base Camps trip is an expedition that should be on your bucket list

Ade Summers

1. The simply mind blowing 360 degree views at Concordia Camp of the 7 & 8000m mountains. You cannot help but be totally and utterly absorbed into the wonder of it all.
2. Trekking on the Balturo Glacier and trekking pass the Trango Towers has got to be one of the highlights. An awe-inspiring wonder.
3. The real adventure of traveling and trekking in Pakistan which is still unspoilt and untouched by mass tourism.
4. The friendliness and hospitality of the people in Gilgit Balistan. Your heart will be touched and you’ll come away feeling humbled and privileged to have spent time here.

Tempting right? Join us and leader Ade Summers 02-29 August 2020. Click here to read more about this incredible trip or to book.  Monthly payment plan is available, just drop us a note.


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