Bootneck Slang Dictionary

Mark Stevens

Mark is a member of the 65 Degrees North team which successfully summited Kilimanjaro in Feb 2016.
Thank you for all helping make Kilimanjaro a remarkable and memorable experience. I have so many great memories, although some less memorable ones on the last day – especially the last hour on summit day!!

As promised here is the bootneck slang dictionary for you to try out on your family, friends and work colleagues:

  1. Beasting:                  Give someone a hard time; physically thrash someone
  2. Bite:                          To get someone on a bite; to kid somebody
  3. Bone:                        Someone who is stupid
  4. Chad:                        Really rubbish; you’re dress sense is chad
  5. Common dog:         Common sense; again can be amplified using F*ck – use your common dog f*ck
  6. Devil dodger:          Padre
  7. Dhobi:                      To wash yourself or your clothes
  8. Dit:                            A story
  9. Drip:                         To moan about something or someone
  10. Eyebrows:                To confirm the genuine dit; if it is proved wrong the instigator of the ‘gen dit’ loses his eyebrows
  11. Flash:                        To lose your temper
  12. Foofoo powder:      Being Welsh this will come as a shock!! It means foot powder!!
  13. Gen dit to:                Say this really is true; gen dit, I heard that…normally followed in response by eyebrows?
  14. Goffer:                      This has three meanings; cold drink, big wave or to hit someone
  15. Gopping:                  Disgusting; that person was turbo gopping
  16. Hanging out:           Very tired
  17. Hoofing:                   Good, quality
  18. Honking:                  Dirty, horrible; can be used to describe a person or item
  19. Icers:                         Very cold; icers goffer
  20. Minging:                   Very drunk, can also be used to describe someone who is horrible; he/she is a minger
  21. Mucker:                    Good mate
  22. Nutty:                        Sweets, chocolate
  23. Pongo:                       Someone from the Army; where the Army goes, the pong goes
  24. Ping:                          To ‘volunteer’ someone
  25. Proffers:                    A long term loan of an item using dubious methods (not from an individual but from the stores etc)
  26. Queens:                     Same meaning as eyebrows; cannot be disrespected and if questioned with ‘eyebrows’ or                               ‘queens’ the truth must be told
  27. Redders/red pigs:   Really hot; I am Harry red pigs
  28. Run Ashore:             A night out on the town
  29. Sippers:                     To share a drink; give us sippers mucker
  30. Snap one off:            Ask Ceri!!
  31. Swamp:                     Urinate
  32. Threaders:                Not happy; again can be used with Turbo ie turbo threaders, really hacked off
  33. Turbo:                       Used to amplify ‘Hoofing; i.e turbo hoofing; not to be beaten, the very best
  34. Waz:                          Brilliant
  35. Wet:                           Hot drink
  36. Wrap:                        To give up

Hope this clears everything up now!!

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