Everest 2019: Tent life!

Expedition: Everest via the North Col

Jamie Ironmonger

We have spent a lot of time at Base Camp in our tents. This purely because we need to acclimatise fully to 5100m or 17,000ft!

I had my best night’s sleep last night despite temperatures inside our tents being recorded at -12C. Believe it or not, you do get used to the cold and you trust in your sleeping bag and your clothing. Last night I took to bed a drinks bottle filled with hot water and hey presto, a ‘hot water bottle’. I wore two pairs of trousers, one of which where thick insulated salopettes, a merino wool T-Shirt, a fleece and a thin down jacket. I wore down booty socks on my feet and a thick fleece hat on my head. Yes, it was cold, but I had an amazing sleep, which means I am acclimatising well.

When I woke up, there was ice on my sleeping bag and on my beard from the condensation that instantly froze. All three of my fresh drinking water bottles were frozen solid, as if they’d been in the deep freezer for a month! And no chance of using my baby wipes this morning either!!!

With so much kit in such a small space it’s important to be extremely organised. The altitude can easily cause frustration when you’re trying to find that one thing that you can’t find any bag! I’ve had a few ‘moments’!

Since being at Base Camp, I have wanted for nothing; our Sherpa Team are looking after us so well. I even had a hot bucket shower this afternoon; I can’t tell you how nice that was! And now all set to move to Advance Base Camp tomorrow!



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