History, beauty and hospitality in Jordan.

Expeditions: Jordan Desert Trek to Petra , Private: Jordan Trek to Petra with SayYesMore

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Our adventure into Jordan has begun with a burst of history at Kerak castle and the mountain where Moses first saw the holy land on our way to the deep desert trek that started Monday.

Our first day on the track took us swiftly down into the shade of Wadi Nakhil (palm valley) where we followed the luscious green spring-fed winding path. After tasting the fresh spring waters and bathing our feet, we followed the stream out and ascend from the valley to the evening camp and the hospitality of the Bedouin. Stories, an open fire and fresh sweet smoky tea took us into the night.

Waking with the sun and preparing ourpacks again, we set off for the long open valley walk through old copper mines and Bedouin goat grazing areas. A hot trekking day blessed with spectacular views over the valley and dunes, where Palestine sits in the distance.  Tonight our camp sits up high in the valley with great views and a fresh breeze.

Tomorrow will see us climb out of the valley to 850m giving us views of the limestone rock that forms the mountains to the East.
Find out what happened next in my second blog, ‘Bedouin camps, the Dead Sea and Petra – the wonders of Jordan’ and join us on our next Jordan adventure in

May 2014.

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