An experience Vs a summit. Why people choose 360 to climb Toubkal?

Expedition: Toubkal (All Seasons)

360 Expeditions

It comes down to whether you are looking for an experience or a summit objective. Both are great but if you travel with 360, great is turned into incredible and the summit is just part of the 360 Moroccan experience.

There is a massive difference, and the choice is yours.

On arrival and hidden within Marrakesh’s labyrinthine medina, we stay in a 4-star riad that highlights the Moroccan charm with tiled courtyards, aromatic gardens, and roof terraces. We all lead busy and hectic lives and having this immediate joy on arrival and time to unwind for a night of sensory overload is fully deserved.

Following our night in Marrakesh, we head to the mountains and begin our trek to the summit. We take a slightly different route to the summit that has us passing stunning waterfalls via the quieter Azzaden Valley allowing us to stop in picturesque places for picnics offering an array of salads and foods – the spread is a cornucopia of colour varied in taste and always photographed!

“It’s really quite incredible what can be conjured up the side of a mountain yet every day excelled. Fresh salad and filling pasta was just what the doctor ordered!” 

mountain side feasts

After the high of the summit and before reaching the village of Imlil, we sidestep off the well-trodden path for a night in the very spoiling kasbah de Toubkal that gives rustic elegance with breath-taking views. The authentic Berber hospitality, sumptuous meals, and mountain retreat-styled night are another nugget of WOW offering an incredible end to your trekking experience.

accommodation kasbah with 360 expeditions

Back in Marrakesh, all our senses are once again pulled into action as we settle back into our 4-star riad before we head out for a 14-dish degustation celebration meal offered in a grand courtyard setting with live local music serenading in the background. In fact this special venue was frequented by Churchill as a haven of tranquillity and luxe escape. Another quality experience that is talked about for months to come.

“Toubkal is full of surprises. Each turn of the trail unveils a new view or a friendly goat, every corner of the Marrakesh souks reveals rows of colourful pottery or delicious smells of local food, and retiring back to a tucked away riad – as intricately gorgeous as a storybook illustration – adds another layer of magic to this treasure chest expedition.”

morocco accommodation with 360 expeditions

We use our elite Moroccan guides and pay a very fair wage for our team. We have extra guides, porters, and muleteers for your comforts. Being ethical in how we operate we pay well above the bare basics. Knowing that our crew are paid fairly, have insurance and decent kit and varied food throughout is a must for 360. This is where so many companies fall short as bargaining for the lowest prices allows them to offer sparkly priced trips.

Please remember that our price reflects a fully inclusive quality experience with all meals. We are known for our up front costs with no hidden extras. As a reminder 360 is very well regarded; ATOL bonded and your money is assured and safe on booking and with a team of 4 in the office with one dedicated Expedition Manager who is on hand from sign up.

It’s hard to compare like with like when so many don’t offer the quality and all the extras mentioned. It’s hard to know and truly understand the costs but when it’s cheap you can guarantee they pay the crew less than what we feel they deserve and for sure you won’t have Marrakesh top and tailing both ends and all the wows that make up the experience we offer.

Both options, whether that is the full authentic experience or a more simple summit objective, are great and different options serve different folks BUT simply put, if you travel with 360 you will have better than great! For us, this is what counts.

**HOWEVER as a small side note we can organize scaled-back versions and can take out all the golden nuggets if your goal is the summit that is fine too! Just get in touch and let’s make it happen…

Toubkal trekking with 360 Expeditions


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