50th Kilimanjaro summit for Australian mountaineer

Expedition: Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

Team 360

Rolfe Oostra, director of 360 Expeditions, mountaineer and long-time adventurer will begin his 50th ascent of Kilimanjaro on the 10th February. Extraordinarily, when he returns Rolfe will have spent almost a year of his life on Kilimanjaro. En route to this amazing landmark, Rolfe has been personally responsible for the safety and wellbeing of more than 735 individuals and, with most climbing to the roof of Africa to raise many thousands of pounds for charity Rolfe has helped them achieve something exceptional and often life changing for themselves and others.

Speaking from Moshi between his 49th and 50th climb Rolfe, a Berghaus sponsored athlete, describes Kilimanjaro as, ‘an amazing mountain that is always changing. On every single expedition I get something else from it and the local guys have become like family to me. For most people it is a tough mountain to conquer and I have dealt with groups with severe altitude sickness and exhaustion, made countless difficult decisions and helped on numerous rescue operations for other teams. Over the years I’ve climbed some of the world’s highest and toughest peaks, explored rivers in the Congo and Amazon basin and constantly sought out new and exciting challenges but there’s just something about this mountain that always brings me back.’

To celebrate and commemorate the 50th summit, 360 Expeditions will be tweeting 50 times from his 50th ascent. Follow the journey, send your questions about Kilimanjaro, or share your own Kilimanjaro memories using #kilimanjaro.

For more information about Rolfe Oostra and 360 Expeditions visit www.360-expeditions.com

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