6 TIPS to climb the Khumbu 3 Peaks

Expedition: Mera, Island & Lobuche: Himalayan 3 Peaks

Lucy Nelson

360 climber Lucy Nelson's top 6 tips on how to prepare and climb the Khumbu 3 Peaks successfully.


  1. Train hard then train some more. 360 gives you guidance on training in the brochure. Have a look, adapt it to suit you but do not skimp on the training. Multiple days walking with a pack of 6 -8 kilos is a must prior to leaving.
  2. When on the expedition eat as much as possible even when you don’t feel like it. Food is fuel and you will need this energy. Then top up with snacks.
  3. If you can, practice winter climbing before you head out (especially the use of jumars and crampon techniques.) It will be time well spent.
  4. Carry enough in your hand luggage to hike for a few days, and especially your trekking boots! You never know how good this call might be. It’s rare but sometimes bags take a detour.
  5. Be prepared to hurt, the rewards are amazing!  It’s so tough but so worth it. Keep going. On the rest day at Dingboche, in my own mind I was seriously considering not attempting the third and final summit and I was totally at peace with that. But I was encouraged to go for it and I’m so glad I did.  I reached the top…. but even if I hadn’t it’s better to try than wonder what if…
  6. Don’t forget to enjoy every summit and every moment. Sit and look around. It’s the best feeling you will ever have, and you need to bank this as best you can.  The summits of course, but also when on the trek itself. It’s indescribable. Just WOW.

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Photo credit: Stuart Shipp, expedition leader

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