Everest 2019: Camp 2 Reached

Expedition: Everest via the North Col

Team 360

The team is safely in C2. 7,500m
They made it in a great time, 4 hours and are in good spirits. Rolfe tried to describe the narrow ridge saying it was like sections on Ama Dablam, impressively spectacular. The static on the satellite phone was bad (and frustrating) so I was unable to pick up all the detail! It is bitterly cold and windy as predicted.
The team has started O2. There are two main benefits to this. It decreases the altitude helping to prevent hypoxia and altitude related illness. Additionally, the O2 helps keep the climbers “warm” (it’s all relative) allowing their blood to move more readily to their extremities. Vital in helping prevent frostbite.
They are in – 25 and are hunkered down in their tents. As with most teams, we have a buddy system for security and warmth. Rest, rehydrate and boil in the bag food is on the agenda. They won’t feel like eating much now but must do their best to nibble little and often on what they can. Even rehydrating at this altitude is cumbersome and tiring. Melting enough snow for just one cup of water takes time (and a lot of snow). Life at this height, in these conditions, is not easy.

Tomorrow they will move to C3. Then the rest, rehydrate and snacking will repeat itself before a big night on the 22nd taking them through to the morning of the 23rd. Weather gods it’s over to you! Be kind, please.

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