Everest 2019: We Are Off!

Expedition: Everest via the North Col

Team 360

It’s going to be a tough one and there is no getting around that. The weather window looks narrow and with the winds still present it is going to be a cold one. With the narrow window comes strict time frames and cut off points. Rolfe and our Sherpa team have made solid plans for each climber. With a team of 6 you can’t have one plan that suits all.

We are hoping the window opens up a little more and hoping that the wind (which is making it extremely cold) calms down. Every hour brings a change of forecast, making planning very fluid. We are monitoring this very closely.

We have a very strong support team and quality logistics. We can do no more. Now it’s down to the weather gods and each climber to dig deep. Our team of 8 Sherpa and 6+1 climbers are ready! They are buzzing with a mixture of nerves and anticipation and left this morning to ABC. The plan is loose, but looking at a summit push between the 22 – 24.

Good luck!!

?The Western Team:

Rolfe Oostra Mountaineer at 360 Expeditions
Chris Dare
Sheena West
Jamie Ironmonger
Kam Kaur
Kevin &

?Our Sherpa Team:

Karma Sherpa
Beer Kaji Tamang
Ang Thindu Sherpa
Dawa Sangee Sherpa
Pemba Nuru Sherpa
Mingma Nuru Sherpa
Chirring Sherpa
Nuru Sherpa

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