Everest 2019: Good morning from Base Camp!

Expedition: Everest via the North Col

Jamie Ironmonger

Good morning from ‘Everest Base Camp’ everyone!

Straight after breakfast, we left camp and went for an explore up the Rongbuk Glacier. I’m still not fully acclimatised to this altitude at 5200m, so it was tough going as every other rock moved under my boots and I slipped about on the scree. It was difficult to catch my breath and it felt like I had a bag over my head. The views were spectacular, with Mt. Everest releasing huge plums at her summit from the high winds, and below, the Rongbuk Glacier displaying a vibrant deep blue, in contrast to the rock and rubble everywhere.

We made it back to Base Camp just as the weather turned and a blizzard rolled in.

I slept well last night, with all my clothes on, my woolly hat and down booties. I was only woken by a huge crack of thunder and a flash of lightening; perhaps Everest letting us know who’s in charge here!…

Jamie is one of the 360 UK climbing team and he’s raising awareness and money for Mind.

For more information and to follow Jamie’s progress, check out his Facebook page – Mind Everest Expedition – here.

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