Everest 2019: Arrival at Base Camp

Expedition: Everest via the North Col

Rolfe Oostra

It must have been over 10 years since I have been to this basecamp. Since that time I have been to the Nepali Everest basecamp countless of times and so it is great to see how refreshingly different this side of the mountain is. The initial and most obvious difference is that you can reach it by car. In our case a funky van containing an eager crew of climbers swinging to the beat of the volume cranked high over an impressive sound system.

The road trip here over rough roads in Nepal and then slowly up onto the Tibetan plateau was simply jaw dropping. We stopped overnight in modern Chinese hotels, ate weird and wonderful food and finally landed here at the base camp of Mount Everest north.

Here’s team member Jamie getting a glimpse of the views en route to Base Camp….

The first impression is how quiet it is. How the other teams are few and far between and how absolutely enormous the mountain looks from here!! It truly looks like the biggest mountain on earth! Towering high into the vast blue sky it beckons us to try our luck to reach its elusive summit.

The team have been here for an hour and are still totally overwhelmed.

The next thing I notice is how hard our super strong Sherpa team have worked to create a cozy home away from home. Each climber has a huge tent, I can stand up in mine with lots of floor space and a porch. The dining tent boasts a carpet, double walls, a heater, super comfy reclining armchairs and a shelf stacked with delicious snacks and games that Marni so brilliantly got sent over. Adding colour are several bouquets of flowers.

Right now I am writing this from my phone which is being charged from a 3 point plug fed directly into each tent and as soon as it gets dark I can switch on an electric light. At the end of the row of tents is a huge modern kitchen and a shower and toilet block. My crew had thought of everything and are simply awesome!!!

Following will be a post or two about life at BC and the start of our climb to reach the highest point on planet earth. If what we have so far is anything to go by we are in great hands!

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