“Sod the summit!”

Expedition: Kang Yatse 2

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Summit anxiety? We have it covered! We are here to say “sod the summit”!! Uncharacteristic though that may appear, so many of our ‘mountain’ expeditions have the most incredible treks to base camp.

Let’s face it, the trek in and out of mountainous regions is often the most varied and fascinating part (you just need to look at some Kang Yatse photos). All our base camp treks are overflowing with cultural wonder, there’s a huge variety in landscapes, it’s a fantastic time to interact with and learn from locals and the chat from the team is electric and engaging. You’ll have the time to embrace a slower pace and build connections with your team – trust us, you’ll have more than one belly laugh!

All of these reasons make us want to ‘sod the summit’. 

What if you could join our expeditions and then stop at base camp? You can support those attempting the summit from a distance whilst allowing yourself time to catch your breath and enjoy being in a remarkable place.

Kick back, read a book, wander the surrounding area (if the terrain allows), be that excited support team for your newfound buddies who have the summit as their goal, and be the welcome party on their return!

team of trekkers in kang yatse 2

Adventure is whatever you make it – it doesn’t have to be summit focused! So, with all that said, it’s time to plan for some non-summit expeditions as the best place might not be on top.

Here are some treks that are truly spectacular, and the summits are very optional (some of our planned non-summit prices will even be reduced!)

 Kang Yatse 2 // Mera Peak // Mt Toubkal // Khumbu Classics (EBC via Gokyo), Island Peak (BC), Lobuche (BC)

So if this sounds like a plan get in touch to explore your options on any one of our expeditions!

“The summit was too much for me on the day (night?) but that took nothing away from this trip – the trek is amazing, jaw dropping scenery around every corner, cool campsites, taking a dip in a river above 4000m, not a soul around apart from us and the locals, no wi-if/mobile signal and an awesome camp crew”.

This quote encapsulates this concept beautifully, written by Marian McMichael on her return from Kang Yatse.

Kang Yatse 2 memories

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