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Hermione Southby-Tailyour

Only a short while ago, Hermione (Marni), our CEO, who had been based in Sinai for six months to sit out the winter, took an impromptu trip to Jordan. Once again, she was captivated by its magical beauty and history.

Despite the devastating situation in neighbouring Israel and Palestine, Jordan remains peaceful and welcoming. The tragic events unfolding globally are affecting many people, including those in Jordan. Tourism is at an all-time low, leaving iconic sites such as Petra and Wadi Rum almost empty. Their need for visitors is great as they, too, are feeling the huge impact of the chaos.

Jordan is a stunning country filled with mesmerizing stillness found in the mountains and wadis. The trails are breath-taking, and sleeping under the stars each night is a memory you never forget.

We urge you not to be influenced by Jordan’s placement on the map, and if you have ever wanted to visit Jordan, now is a good time to consider this adventure. Your  support would mean so much to our Jordanian friends who would love to be your hosts.

We wanted to break down why Jordan should be next on your bucket list and to make the most of this precious period to visit…

  • Safety and stability: Despite the conflict in neighbouring countries, Jordan remains a safe and stable destination. The Jordanian government works hard to maintain peace and security within its borders. The country is a haven of peace in a region often troubled by conflict.

A note from Marni: Many people asked about the safety. Having been living in the Sinai for 6 months and feeling very settled I found this to be a complex question. Jordan is not at war with anyone and nor is the Sinai / Egypt. Yes, they are neighbours but that’s where it stops. Of course, it was a topic of conversation which I found interesting to delve into. There is no denying it, you feel closer to the devastation in Palestine, and this does play on your mind as much as it plays on the minds of the locals in Jordan and in the Sinai and I am sure in the UK too.

  • Supporting the local economy: By visiting Jordan during quieter times, you can contribute to the local economy and help sustain businesses that rely on tourism. Your visit can make a difference to local communities and businesses that have been affected by the decline in tourism due to the unrest in Palestine.

A note from Marni: It felt good to be helping as best as I could which came in the form of tourism. The transfers I took were so interesting as we talked for hours about the economy and the unrest. They shared stories of how they survived through Covid and how again they were picking these survival strategies back up since tourism has again dropped. The people of Jordan love to show you their country, they take you on exciting detours as they have time to play with, and invite you into their home for food. If you can, I would urge you to support Jordan and allow yourself to gain a deeper insight to this magical land and surrounding history.

  • Few tourists: With fewer tourists visiting Petra, the Dead Sea, and Wadi Rum its offers you a unique experience to be able to interact and support the locals while feeling and breathing in the history…

A note from Marni: This was a surprise for me as I hadn’t thought of this before nipping over. I honestly didn’t think that everyone had stopped travelling to Jordan, but it was starkly apparent on arrival. Exploring little Petra all by myself for hours was magical as well as having time to watch the world go by in Petra absorbing the history. Petra itself can have up to 9,000 visitors a day there were about 500 when I was there.

  • Unique cultural experiences: Jordan is rich in history and culture, with numerous sites of archaeological significance.

A note from Marni: This never changes from yesterday, to now, to tomorrow – but having the time to sit and enjoy the sites with few people was a dream. There was also no denying it – it was hard knowing the reason behind this drop of tourists and my heart is broken for the situation.

So if you have always wanted to visit Jordan please try not to be put off by it’s surroundings. It is a beautiful country filled with welcoming warm and very hospital people. With Petra, the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum being almost empty, they would be so delighted to welcome you and would hugely appreciate your support. Please keep an open mind and visit.

Jordan trekking expedition

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