Daypack kit list plus what goes where on summit night

Jo Bradshaw

Daypack – these items are the essentials for your daypack which should weigh no more than 5-6kg including 2-3ltrs of water. You will be wearing some items on a day-to-day basis and everything else needed for the expedition goes in your mountain bag with a weight limit of 15kg (as advised previously). The more unnecessary extras you add to your daypack, the more it will weigh and the harder you will make your climb. Be nice to your body and keep your pack light.

In your pack, in a waterproof dry bag or rubble sack:

  • Liquid hand wash (small bottle)
  • Waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers
  • Sun cream and SPF lip salve – minimum SPF30, preferably SPF50. A small 50ml bottle will be plenty for the whole expedition
  • Head torch – keep in the lid of your pack
  • Toilet paper and nappy sacks – take one or two nappy sacks and keep the rest in your mountain bag
  • Water bottle / hydration bladder – 3ltrs capacity split between bottles and bladder
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • Spare fleece
  • Camera
  • Daily snacks – 3 or so snacks just for the day. All other snacks to go in your mountain bag
  • First aid kit – only need paracetamol / ibuprofen, blister plasters plus personal meds if needed daily
  • Trekking poles – great for going up and down!
  • Sunglasses – Cat 3 minimum, Cat 4 ideal, wrap around for proper UV protection

For summit night – what goes where? I will go through what to wear on summit night once we have a weather
forecast at Barafu Camp but you’ll be donning your down jackets, waterproofs, warm hats and gloves and
definitely your head torch and poles.

In your pack:

  • 2ltrs water in bladder or bottles
  • Sun cream / lip salve
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks for way down
  • Toilet paper / hand gel
  • Sun hat

In your down jackets:

  • Painkillers
  • Snacks
  • 1ltr water down the front of your jacket, held in place by the waist belt of your daypack
  • Camera (to keep it warm)

** Your mountain bag should weigh no more than 15kg (as previously advised) which is plenty for our 7-day trek. To keep the weight down take only ½ packet of wet wipes, only extra head torch batteries needed for one change rather than a whole pack, take a small paperback book or Kindle, keep recharging gadgets to a minimum, take enough snacks for the trip so 3 a day plus 6-8 for summit night.

** Please make sure that everything in your mountain bag is in waterproof dry bags or thick rubble sacks or black bags. There are no drying facilities on the mountain so it is essential to keep your kit dry, even if your bag claims to be waterproof.

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