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Testimonials : Stok Kangri

The expedition was well organised and we had great guides both local and from 360. Professional and fun, and prepared to got the extra mile to make the magic happen! I loved the fact that it’s less busy so the experience was more of a journey. I got to celebrate my 40th birthday on the mountain!

Katie Comer, Stok Kangri

I wanted a challenge and knew Stok Kangri would a good one! My personal highlights were camp, expedition life and summiting. The expedition was excellent and I would highly recommend it to my friends!

Peter Barty, Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri was an amazing & fulfilling expedition. The group was friendly, amiable and I met some truly inspirational people, companions whom I hope to trek and climb with in the future.

Sarah Turner, Stok Kangri

It wasn’t about summiting, it was about experiencing.  An excellent expedition and excellent value for money. Thank you 360!

Jane Tickell, Stok Kangri

Although we didn’t make it to the top of Stok, we had a fantastic journey together. The mountain offered variety in landscape, scenery, challenge & temperature. The food, accommodation were amazing both pre, during and post trek. 360 provided excellent logistical and expert support and LHW provided a welcoming and supportive community feel to the trip.

Aimee Protheroe, Stok Kangri

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