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Testimonials : 7 Summits

Great team: professional, experienced, friendly, approachable, knowledgeable , fun.

Pat O - Kilimanjaro, International Women's Day 2022

Unforgettable and heart warming. This has been an ambition of mine for 13 years and I have achieved it with the help of 360!

Kilimanjaro - Jan 2022

Gianni and Mercedes combined well throughout as guides, sound advice at all times. Specifically, meticulous preparation from base camp to C1 / C2 / C3 to the summit and back down. Likewise, both did much more than guiding . The acclimatisation works well, the itinerary is excellent in terms of summit preparation.

Bill L

Rolfe is an excellent guide with plentiful skills and training before attempting a mountain. Spent about 3 weeks in Argentina, attempting Aconcagua. Got to the final base. Attempting again next year.

…Great team spirit and support. If you want someone to look out for you on the mountains and shout encouragement at you when you are cold, depleted of energy and feeling exhausted, you need 360 to support you to push you to your potential

Razia Anwar

The team bent over backwards to help us through the tough spots, and celebrated the high points with us. I would go on any trip with the team tomorrow, without hesitation.

Michael G

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