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Testimonials : 7 Summits

It went above and beyond my expectations. I’ve already been shouting from the rooftops about this trip I will do for a very long time. The team, the crew, the food and the sights. The ground crew in Tanzania really do MAKE this trip as if it wasn’t for them. The food was insanely good. Every day I was blown away by the food that was brought into the Mess Tent and to do this up a mountain like Kilimanjaro is very impressive. The sights you see on Kilimanjaro are always mind-blowing. I’ll never forget jumping out my tent and being greeted by the astonishing views of Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. If you’re looking to try your hand at a high altitude trek while being supported by an amazing ground crew then Kilimanjaro is the one for you. Everything was great, from the initial set up of the trip to the minute I got home. It was a dream come true to me and hopefully everyone else on the trip and for that I will be forever grateful.

Stuart, Kilimanjaro February 2024

It was a very rewarding experience. A great physical challenge, but also the opportunity to meet new people, such as climbing partners, but also the locals and porters who make the whole experience more memorable and special. The highlights were having a tear or two with my daughter at Stella Point, the scenery and the support team. Ben our 360 lead was fabulous: calm, saying enough that was required, felt part of the team, and a genuinely nice guy.

Paul, Kilimanjaro September 2023

I’m lucky enough to have completed the Seven Summits and the Explorers’s Grand Slam. 360 Expeditions has supported a number of these quests. Aconcagua and Kili were successful ‘flash’ ascents. Without Marni and the 360 logistics team (Helen et al), Rolfe/Gianni as lead guides, and/or the local guides & porters, I wouldn’t have pulled the expeditions off. I’ve engaged with 360 Expeditions since 2004 and they roll with total professionalism. They’re a class act!

Julian, Flash Ascent August 2023

Just amazing. Once in a lifetime. One of the highlights was making it to the top with the views. I would recommend to friends as it was just the best time.

Megan, Kilimanjaro September 2022
I really wanted to give a massive shoutout to Amanda – she has been absolutely incredible and you should be so proud to have her at 360! Amanda was attentive to all of us, making sure we were all okay, keeping us briefed at all times and it was an absolute pleasure to share this experience with her. An absolutely inspirational woman, down to earth and true to herself. I
couldn’t have done this without her.
Also a big shoutout to the 360 team in Tanzania – Mussa was amazing, as well as the other guides, and he put on a celebration meal that none of us will ever forget (particularly the birthday celebrations they arranged for me!) – I’m so so thankful.
Kilimanjaro 2022

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