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Testimonials : 360 Pyrenees

It was much more challenging than I’d expected…but I should’ve read the info given much more thoroughly!!!! Possibly the most rewarding challenge I’ve done so far, it’s really boosted my confidence in myself and I got to see the most incredible views!

Amazing views, trek leader Ben was very helpful and made the whole trip enjoyable. ‘What did you feel could be improved on the expedition?’ Nothing, it was perfect!

A unique experience in unspoilt part of the world. It was tougher than I thought, but great scenery good food and facilities at the refuges which exceeded expectations!

I think doing something different, taking you out of your comfort zone and normal home comforts and being challenged a bit is great.

It was thoughtful thinking of those who did the trip without all the comforts we had like waterproof trousers and food etc… escapism, time to think, time to get to know people, time to get to know yourself and how you adapt to situations. It was very varied, each day was different, it was great being outside in nature away from everything!



Suzy B

The trip was a great experience from start to finish, with lots of information provided beforehand to ensure everything went smoothly, particularly in relation to ever-changing Covid requirements! The hike itself was challenging and rewarding in equal measure, and Ben was the perfect guide. [He] really made the trip, he was friendly, supportive and encouraging, with great knowledge of the areas we hiked through.

D Lawley

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