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Meeting the locals was a definite highlight of the trip. Mongolian people are so hospitable and lovely. Loved it!

Sheena, Mongolia 2023

Remote Western Mongolia was beyond my imagination and offered cultural ability to tap into local day to day living in that area. Beautiful camp sites in a raw rich beautiful remote area and opportunity to meet inhabitants in their local communities. The exposure to a culture rich country was a definite highlight, this was a wonderful way to become a part of a rich remote area of the world. There is nothing I would change – it is perfect as it is!!

Philip, Western Monglia June 2023

After doing Kili 9 years ago I ended up with a new additional amazing group of new friends. I honestly thought that it would be hard to better that but this trip for me has been made by the fantastic friendship and support from everyone. It has been truly an amazing experience, it has been truly overwhelming. On a lighter note, I find it hilarious that burping and farting becomes acceptable so quickly with people you hardly know. Thanks again for making this trip a memory that will last forever.


Beautiful Mera. You don’t know the strength of a company or confirmation of what they ‘Say’ they will do , until it actually really happens to you…I wish , pretty much everyday that I could have summited Mera , however life carries on just the same , I got rescued off Mera , totally cared for , flown home and very grateful to the wonderful service the 360 team said they would do – they know exactly what they are doing !!!!! You’re in safe hands.

Brian T

We had an absolutely incredible time in Borneo and cannot thank 360 expeditions enough. From the pre-travel information, to Jerry meeting us at the airport, through the jungle, mountain and nature reserve and back to the airport everything was organised and executed perfectly and we didn’t need to worry about a thing! This was a perfect combination what we wanted from the trip and we will definitely never forget it!

Laura Deeprose, Borneo

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