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Testimonials : Mountaineering

The trip itself was amazing from start to finish. From the outset we were looked after so well, even to the point where we were flown to Lukla by helicopter as the poor weather prevented us flying by plane. The accommodation we stayed in was more than I could have expected.  We also had the privilege of dining at Everest Base Camp.The Sherpas and porters were so helpful and friendly throughout the trip and really looked after us all. Last, but not least, Stuart Shipp, what a legend.  The final ascent to Island Peak was a tough 17 hours for all of us. We knew it was going to be tough, but we did not realise the magnitude of it. This is where Stuart was outstanding, his experience, knowledge, guidance and support was what got us through it.  He jelled extremely well with everyone in the group and brought us all together. I would highly recommend him, but he needs to improve on his jokes 🙂

Val Bennett. Island peak. April 2019

I can’t thank 360  in general and Rolfe in particular enough for making this possible. I was very much the weakest link of the group in both age and experience. A less conscientious guide might have suggested that I did not complete the full summit but Rolfe was determined that I should. Mattias was also very encouraging and between them, they helped me to the top, literally step by step at some stages. A great celebration for my 70th birthday.


Frederick Goring. Mt Aneto. June 2019

It wasn’t about summiting, it was about experiencing.  An excellent expedition and excellent value for money. Thank you 360!

Jane Tickell, Stok Kangri, 2018

Although we didn’t make it to the top of Stok, we had a fantastic journey together. The mountain offered variety in landscape, scenery, challenge & temperature. The food, accommodation were amazing both pre, during and post trek. 360 provided excellent logistical and expert support and LHW provided a welcoming and supportive community feel to the trip.

Aimee Protheroe, Stok Kangri, 2018

The most amazing adventure ever! Local crew were the best in looking after us. Food was superb, so delicious –  served in four different dishes to every meal, insane! Thanks to Jo Bradshaw for taking us very high despite snow & rain and keeping us safe and happy at the same time. I have learnt so much from her about altitude, safety, even crampons and ice axes for what I am truly grateful.

Monica Smigielska, Stok Kangri, 2018

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