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Testimonials : Mountaineering

Very organized and adaptable to meet the needs of clients and changing conditions. An excellent expedition, I felt completely safe and the 360 team were extremely helpful.

Rick, Khumbu Classics, 2023

I love the remote, basic feel of the expedition. It was not glamorous but I believe this added a certain charm to the whole trip. Tom, our leader, was laid back and approachable throughout the trip given the team a good amount of freedom on the trail and within camp. His approach to the mountains and his management of the team was absolutely spot on. He was very knowledgeable regarding lots of aspects of the mountains and climbing, and when we needed to focus and take note of what he was saying due to safety concerns he made sure we took his point on board. He took the time to bond with all the team members and take an interest in them. If I was looking at a trip and Tom was scheduled to be the expedition leader for it, it could well be the nudge to sign up.

Darren - Spantik 2022

A huge thankyou to 360 and all the staff involved with this trip. Totally exhausted mentally and physically! However, extremely happy with himself. A huge thankyou to our guide, Gianni, without whom he would not have made it.

Howard - Aconcagua 2023

Gianni and Mercedes combined well throughout as guides, sound advice at all times. Specifically, meticulous preparation from base camp to C1 / C2 / C3 to the summit and back down. Likewise, both did much more than guiding . The acclimatisation works well, the itinerary is excellent in terms of summit preparation.

Bill L

Beautiful Mera. You don’t know the strength of a company or confirmation of what they ‘Say’ they will do , until it actually really happens to you…I wish , pretty much everyday that I could have summited Mera , however life carries on just the same , I got rescued off Mera , totally cared for , flown home and very grateful to the wonderful service the 360 team said they would do – they know exactly what they are doing !!!!! You’re in safe hands.

Brian T

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