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Testimonials : Africa

The guides and porters exceeded my expectations, they were so attentive and friendly and really took excellent care of us. I would be confident to recommend to friends that this is a very well organised expedition with 360 overall and with the local team in Tanzania. Experiencing the incredible views and successfully reaching the summit with our entire group together. The whole expedition was incredible, we had clear communication from our guides each day about what we should expect, how we should dress, how the terrain would be. They made sure we were feeling okay and well at all times, they were very approachable and friendly. It was a challenging expedition for sure, but so very rewarding.

Kirsty, Kilimanjaro February 2023

It went above and beyond my expectations. I’ve already been shouting from the rooftops about this trip I will do for a very long time. The team, the crew, the food and the sights. The ground crew in Tanzania really do MAKE this trip as if it wasn’t for them. The food was insanely good. Every day I was blown away by the food that was brought into the Mess Tent and to do this up a mountain like Kilimanjaro is very impressive. The sights you see on Kilimanjaro are always mind-blowing. I’ll never forget jumping out my tent and being greeted by the astonishing views of Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. If you’re looking to try your hand at a high altitude trek while being supported by an amazing ground crew then Kilimanjaro is the one for you. Everything was great, from the initial set up of the trip to the minute I got home. It was a dream come true to me and hopefully everyone else on the trip and for that I will be forever grateful.

Stuart, Kilimanjaro February 2024

The planning and support both by 360 and the local team before, during and after the mountain climb was superb. Their care and attention is something I would never forget and totally appreciative. Tough, challenging but definitely worth it!

Kilimanjaro, February 2023

Being my first expedition I was a little apprehensive as it is very different to anything I had done before but I loved every minute! It exceeded all expectations. To be able to say you reached the roof of Africa makes it worth it. My team were amazing but the local team of porters and guides really made the trip memorable. They went out their way to make you feel welcome and that you belonged there.

Seeing everyone from the team summit was really special because everyone had to fight their own adversity to get to the top so that was the ultimate reward. The local people – the porters and guides showing us their way of life and the Hakuna Matata mentality. Getting a birthday cake the day before summiting was amazing – a birthday I will never forget!

A big thanks to all the 360 team who were in touch from booking right through to the end of the trip. The information given was so informative and reassuring I felt all bases were well covered. When I did need to ask a question it was answered very thoroughly and quickly. I felt like I was in good hands having the trip booked through 360.

An unforgettable and humbling trip that really is worth experiencing if you can.

Chris, Kilimanjaro February 2024

I have never experienced such caring, ‘on it’ staff, both in UK and on site, they are all exceptional. The smiles and camaraderie of the team and guides, they were endlessly kind and positive.

Sophie, Kilimanjaro 2024

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