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Testimonials : Trekking

Great group, great crew, great guide, Rolfe, beautiful country, food and people… coupled with a physically challenging few days in the mountains. Just fabulous – so well taken care of and AMAZING food the whole way – a huge thank you.

Jane, Toubkal 2024

With the help and support of the team, Abdul and Rolfe anything is possible…. and this is mostly down to the vast experience that they have. True experts in their field. Once again I found myself on a trip with you where I was treated like family. I marvel at how they produce such amazing food in the most basic conditions. They never failed to greet you, with a smile and a warm hand, even at 3am breakfasts! An absolute credit to what you do. The Riad and the hotel on the last night were fabulous. The food on the Friday was very well received and delicious. The guidance and encouragement you receive the whole way really makes you feel worthy to be there and the sense of accomplishment just takes over. A walk is never just a walk with you guys! Whether you are amongst friends or total strangers. It is a life experience. A bonding experience. The whole experience.

Cheryl, Toubkal 2024

Rolfe was awesome, so experienced we all felt at total ease in his hands. I had no idea of how incredible I’d feel up in the mountains and on summit day. Such a buzz! All superb guides- super friendly and always looking out for us. Felt like a real team and not just a customer. Loved it all! But summit day was magical. A HUGE thank you to you and the team for putting together such an unforgettable experience. It’s been a physical and emotional rollercoaster of a journey and I’ve loved every second. Still buzzing from what the team has achieved and flying high from the excitement and spirituality of summit day. Pure joy. I’ll be coming back for more!!

Ben, Toubkal 2024

Competent, knowledgeable and engaging guides, particularly Rolfe. The route gave perfect time to acclimatise and meant that we avoided crowds as far as possible. I loved being in the mountains and felt very safe with 360.

Nick, Toubkal 2024

The guides and porters exceeded my expectations, they were so attentive and friendly and really took excellent care of us. I would be confident to recommend to friends that this is a very well organised expedition with 360 overall and with the local team in Tanzania. Experiencing the incredible views and successfully reaching the summit with our entire group together. The whole expedition was incredible, we had clear communication from our guides each day about what we should expect, how we should dress, how the terrain would be. They made sure we were feeling okay and well at all times, they were very approachable and friendly. It was a challenging expedition for sure, but so very rewarding.

Kirsty, Kilimanjaro February 2023

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