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Beautiful Mera. You don’t know the strength of a company or confirmation of what they ‘Say’ they will do , until it actually really happens to you…I wish , pretty much everyday that I could have summited Mera , however life carries on just the same , I got rescued off Mera , totally cared for , flown home and very grateful to the wonderful service the 360 team said they would do – they know exactly what they are doing !!!!! You’re in safe hands.

Brian T

I was soo lucky to join Rolfe once again in Morocco in February 2020 before the madness hit! What a place!! Another fantastic time, getting to explore areas and see a side of life there that I wouldn’t have seen on my own. We had a brilliant team and shared soo many laughs along the way! And of course thoroughly enjoyed our summit of Toubkal too!

Kim T

If the last year has taught me anything it is there is always something to be happy about and we need to fit in as much fun as humanly possible. Your trip forms a big part of that, so thank you and your team for having the vision and expertise to put it together.

Paul S

Stok Kangri in Ladakh, Northern India… Just wow!! With the 360 Team you will once again find yourself immersed in the wonderful cultures and learning soo much about life in that region. The amazing people who call it home, the beautiful wildlife and incredible mountains you find yourself in. It is soo much more than just ‘a holiday’, it’s an awesome experience that leaves you itching to discover more and revisit the amazing people you meet along the way!

Kim T

The team bent over backwards to help us through the tough spots, and celebrated the high points with us. I would go on any trip with the team tomorrow, without hesitation.

Michael G

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