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After lots of research on expedition companies, I chose 360 Expeditions. They were brilliant from start to finish. Great communication with kit lists, training recommendations, visa help etc and from the day we arrived in Tanzania to the day we left, they were incredible. Our summit success was very much achieved with their help. Marni and Helen were always at the end of the phone and I would really recommend you contact them to chat through your thoughts on what you want to do.


Bob - Kilimanjaro 2022

I would describe the experience as a once in a lifetime making out like Indiana Jones. It was a great mix of really tough jungle trekking and well deserved R&R and the Lost City takes your breath away. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Geoff, November 2022

Just amazing. Once in a lifetime. One of the highlights was making it to the top with the views. I would recommend to friends as it was just the best time.

Megan, Kilimanjaro September 2022

I had one of the best hols I’ve ever had and that was largely down to my fellow adventurers – [you are] all inspirational in your own ways! I for one took away with me more than just a summit!

Kang Yatse 2022

After doing Kili 9 years ago I ended up with a new additional amazing group of new friends. I honestly thought that it would be hard to better that but this trip for me has been made by the fantastic friendship and support from everyone. It has been truly an amazing experience, it has been truly overwhelming. On a lighter note, I find it hilarious that burping and farting becomes acceptable so quickly with people you hardly know. Thanks again for making this trip a memory that will last forever.


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