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Testimonials : S. America

The Lost City trek was fab. Gabo, the local guide, was amazing – absolutely recommend having a proper indigenous guide on the trek as Gabo added a lot to the experience and definitely made everything more personal.


Jane - Colombia Lost City 2023

I would describe the experience as a once in a lifetime making out like Indiana Jones. It was a great mix of really tough jungle trekking and well deserved R&R and the Lost City takes your breath away. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Geoff, November 2022

Rolfe is an excellent guide with plentiful skills and training before attempting a mountain. Spent about 3 weeks in Argentina, attempting Aconcagua. Got to the final base. Attempting again next year.

…Great team spirit and support. If you want someone to look out for you on the mountains and shout encouragement at you when you are cold, depleted of energy and feeling exhausted, you need 360 to support you to push you to your potential

Razia Anwar

Attempting Aconcagua was a pretty big leap out of my comfort zone compared to what I’d done before.  I had plenty of encouragement, support and advice in the build up from the 360 Team.. When out on the mountains, I had a great team and awesome 360 guides who were super supportive and encouraging, incredibly knowledgeable and clearly highly respected by other climbers and guides on the mountain. I felt really confident and comfortable to be climbing with them .  Another superb trip and amazing experience thanks to 360 Expeditions.



Lucy Nelson, Aconcagua

I don’t believe that in your marketing material you differentiate yourselves enough! On Aconcagua we had: large insulated Igloo tents, flush toilet, restaurant quality food at 4,300m, experienced guides & locals: who knew the weather patterns & when to do what on the mountain. E.g. some teams went from 6,000m at 4am. It’s too cold. We went at 5 am -this made a big difference.

Callum Wood, Aconcagua

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