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You arranged this all at short notice and you did so well. Everything went so well and the people you employed were 10/10. The accommodation and the food were 10/10.

Russell Rogers, Machu Picchu via the Lares Valley

Great support from the 360 team, Rolfe and the guides were awesome on the mountain. And not only was everyone successful in reaching the summit but all for a great cause, like my own charity Cancer Research UK.

Keith Wilson

Congratulations Rolfe on all that you have achieved so far-you are indeed a true professional and an inspiration. You made me understand that you only really begin to live, when you are out of your comfort zone.

George Harding

Great hotels, increasing in luxury really made the end of the trip restful. The biggest luxury however, was enjoying the company of my fellow trekkers, Yusef and his crew, and the people we met along the way. Truly an awesome trip that I will never forget.

Andy, Jordan Trek to Petra

We all had our ups and downs but Marco at his young age showed amazing leadership, maturity and plain brilliance. He was without a doubt the best guide I have ever had, and his continuous enthusiasm and motivation is just second to none.


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