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Exploring a different part of the Himalayas was excellent – especially following a fantastic circular route with the most amazing scenery. Ladakh is a stunning area and the route is very quiet. The whole adventure was excellent – the team did everything they could to get me to the summit safely. This is the best experience I’ve been on. Superb leader (Rolfe) and team, perfectly organised and co-ordinated.

Loman, Kang Yatse 2

The Lost City trek was fab. Gabo, the local guide, was amazing – absolutely recommend having a proper indigenous guide on the trek as Gabo added a lot to the experience and definitely made everything more personal.


Jane - Colombia Lost City 2023

Brilliantly organised, utterly spectacular, every day something felt like a special and unique experience that only 360 could have had the knowledge and connections to deliver. Grading was perfect, Less challenging than I feared – I was relieved! Everyone should do this at least once, the Himalayas are absolutely beautiful. The highlights of the trip were the amazing guide and local team, and exploring ‘the Himalayas’ – valley after valley of awe. All of the organisation and arrangements were excellent, the itinerary is very nicely balanced, never a dull day, such a winning formula to have such an experienced (and capable, and fun) team. You’ve simply got to go, it was brilliant!

Jenny, Everest Basecamp & Khumbu Classics

A stunning experience. The mix of wildness and landscape with culture and luxury, having skilled support and fabulous hospitality, and experiencing authenticity – sharing, walking and camping with our Bedouin hosts.

Annabel, Jordan 2023

I’d recommend this trip for many  reasons: the safety of an experienced company backing the expertise of the UK guide and the local team are a great combination, the isolation of the camp sites; the fantastic food cooked fresh every day and reaching Petra by the less travelled route. The friendly and knowledgeable local staff; the incredible scenery; achieving another bucket list; great companions where we helped each other. The most amazing trip to a place I have dreamt about reaching for many years.

Gail, Jordan, 2023

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