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I have been to Mera Peak and Aconcagua with them and I am lucky enough to be going to Cho Oyu with 360 in April.

Paula Cairey

By far the best company I have ever come across. I trust these guys with my life and I wouldn’t go with anyone else.

Matt Crane

On summit night Rolfe was truly inspiring and equally calming and gave us the belief that EVERYTHING is possible if you just keep on pushing and believing in yourself. His calmness and professionalism turned a mind racing with fear and doubt into a mind full of peace and tranquility and the honest belief that you will reach your goal. The mans a genius and I’m proud to call him my friend.

Elbrus North-South Traverse

Work hard to play hard and get the most out of life. On expedition you’ll work hard but you’ll also get the best time of it if you put it in too. I’ve achieved great things with 360 and I help clients achieve great things with 360, what’s not to recommend!

Jo Bradshaw

I’m a very fussy person if the truth be told (although I think I hide it well!). I don’t work for just anyone or spend my hard earned cash on just any company, which is why I work for and expedition with 360.

Jo Bradshaw

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