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Work hard to play hard and get the most out of life. On expedition you’ll work hard but you’ll also get the best time of it if you put it in too. I’ve achieved great things with 360 and I help clients achieve great things with 360, what’s not to recommend!

Jo Bradshaw

I’m a very fussy person if the truth be told (although I think I hide it well!). I don’t work for just anyone or spend my hard earned cash on just any company, which is why I work for and expedition with 360.

Jo Bradshaw

I struck it lucky finding 360 first off 10 years ago, and now for a proper expedition, I will not go with anyone else.   I’ve now climbed several peaks including Trango Tower and Aconcagua with Rolfe of 360.

Matt Crane

I like the family atmosphere of 360 Expeditions, where you feel more like a family friend than just a client.

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