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Everyone dreams of climbing Kili and getting to the summit. Guides are really important in getting people there. People don’t think about what happens if things don’t go to plan – and so I just wanted to say how amazing everyone was in getting me down the mountain [360 ed: after altitude sickness symptoms] and looking after me. They were really attentive and genuinely wanted to help. Thank you.

Trevor B

It was a phenomenal, unexpected and rewarding challenge… [the trip] met and exceeded every expectation I had for the trip! It was truly amazing!

Jolene M - Jordan, Desert Trek to Petra

The whole experience massively exceeded expectations. The landscape was insanely beautiful, the local crew was just so warm, welcoming, competent and professional, Jo was fantastic at bringing together the team and the crew and empowering people to support their own journeys. It was stunning, challenging and heartwarming. I loved it.

Harriet Barcella, Jordan Desert Trek to Petra

Amazing views, trek leader Ben was very helpful and made the whole trip enjoyable. ‘What did you feel could be improved on the expedition?’ Nothing, it was perfect!

A unique experience in unspoilt part of the world. It was tougher than I thought, but great scenery good food and facilities at the refuges which exceeded expectations!

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