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Testimonials : Kang Yatse 2

Exploring a different part of the Himalayas was excellent – especially following a fantastic circular route with the most amazing scenery. Ladakh is a stunning area and the route is very quiet. The whole adventure was excellent – the team did everything they could to get me to the summit safely. This is the best experience I’ve been on. Superb leader (Rolfe) and team, perfectly organised and co-ordinated.

Loman, Kang Yatse 2

Very neat to see that part of the world & Ladakh was amazing. Everything with 360 & the local ground crew was excellent.  Very happy & looking forward to using 360 again some day down the road.

James & Carolyn, Kang Yatse 2 September 2023

Accommodation, logistics, guides, food, views, remote beauty …it was all fab. Every day a different vista. An incredible and rare insight into a different culture. Local guides, cooks and horsemen were all amazing, and more like friends by the end. And genuinely felt safe in the knowledge that Rolfe is one of the most renowned guides on the planet. Some of the highlights were swimming in glacier streams, the dark nights so the milky way was visible, and the low carbon footprint too.

Paul, Kang Yatse 2 September 2023

Excellent expedition. This trip has everything – physically challenging, experiencing culture and seeing geology. The summit was a real highlight – it was an amazing day. Not sure how to follow the excellent experience of this trip – it ticked so many boxes. It is amazing – you must do it!


Colin, Kang Yatse 2 September 2023

We had a wonderful trip which was all down to Rolfe and Karma and the rest of the team. It was a life changing and inspirational trip. We may not have reached the summit, but it is the journey and not the destination. We made great friends and many memories.

Gillian, Kang Yatse 2022

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