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Testimonials : Colombia

The Lost City trek was fab. Gabo, the local guide, was amazing – absolutely recommend having a proper indigenous guide on the trek as Gabo added a lot to the experience and definitely made everything more personal.


Jane - Colombia Lost City 2023

Exploring the jungle, meeting the natives, the varied walking, seeing the wildlife, and having a mental rest were all highlights of the expedition. It was hard, beautiful, challenging, out of my comfort zone, and well-needed fresh air for my mental health. A discovery of another world.

Catherine, November 2022

I would describe the experience as a once in a lifetime making out like Indiana Jones. It was a great mix of really tough jungle trekking and well deserved R&R and the Lost City takes your breath away. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Geoff, November 2022

An excellent expedition. Getting to the Lost City was the highlight of the trip, as well as the brilliant 360 team and local guides. Hot, Sweaty, Challenging but ultimately great fun, and a great opportunity to reset as simply couldn’t think of much else apart from putting one foot in front of the other!

Sammie, November 2022

Excellent. Well organised, well led, spectacular sights and lots of variety. Fabulous challenge with spectacular sights and experiences.

David M

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