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Testimonials : Elbrus North-South Traverse

Since Kili I have gone on to do three more expeditions; Elbrus, Aneto and most recently Mera Peak.  Each trip has further solidified my belief that 360 are a truest fantastic organization.

Stefano Borsi

What a fantastic highlights video of my expedition to Mt Elbrus. I cannot express enough what a great souvenir this videos is, as well as a fantastic vehicle for storytelling. Thank you!

Ben Smith, Elbrus North-South Traverse

The expedition was absolutely fantastic and far exceeded my hopes and expectations on so many levels that I haven’t got the vocabulary to express my feeling about the trip.

Gerald Mahon

Elbrus was my second expedition with 360 Expeditions and I had a great time! The team were fantastic, experienced and helpful. They took the time to teach us all winter mountaineering skills before tackling the glaciers, so we all knew what to expect, particularly on summit night.

Katie Comer, Elbrus North-South Traverse

I’m a very fussy person if the truth be told (although I think I hide it well!). I don’t work for just anyone or spend my hard earned cash on just any company, which is why I work for and expedition with 360.

Jo Bradshaw

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