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Testimonials : Mera, Island & Lobuche: Himalayan 3 Peaks

This trip was an absolutely incredible experience. My first time in Nepal and now I’m a bit obsessed! So so beautiful, incredible isolation in the Hunku Valley, amazing views of amazing mountains. So much space and amazing beauty. Stu was, as ever, a brilliant guide and our Sherpas, chefs and porters were so patient and supportive. It was such a great experience and i achieved three summits on top of all that…. still blows my mind a little bit.

Lucy Nelson

It was a truly incredible and epic adventure! The people on the trip – from the other trekkers, the fantastic guides and the wonderful sherpas – all contributed to make it a life-affirming and memorable experience. Although technically really hard, the challenge helped to really push me out of my comfort zone and to give further proof that self-imposed physical limits are always there to be broken!

Karen Carter, Everest Base Camp and Lobuche East

We have been back just over a month and I still can’t stop looking at all the photos that we took. It was a really outstanding place and as Scotty said an experience of a lifetime.

Kevin Barrable

I struck it lucky finding 360 first off 10 years ago, and now for a proper expedition, I will not go with anyone else.   I’ve now climbed several peaks including Trango Tower and Aconcagua with Rolfe of 360.

Matt Crane

Awesome! It was an excellent trip and much harder than anticipated. Very lucky with the weather for all three summit days.  Excellent physical challenge, magnificent views and fantastic support from Stuart Shipp. The logistics were a testament to 360’s style of excellence and pre-expedition information detailed. Oh, and the birthday cake was brilliant.

Roger Cook, Khumbu 3 Peaks

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