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Testimonials : Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes

Brilliantly organised, utterly spectacular, every day something felt like a special and unique experience that only 360 could have had the knowledge and connections to deliver. Grading was perfect, Less challenging than I feared – I was relieved! Everyone should do this at least once, the Himalayas are absolutely beautiful. The highlights of the trip were the amazing guide and local team, and exploring ‘the Himalayas’ – valley after valley of awe. All of the organisation and arrangements were excellent, the itinerary is very nicely balanced, never a dull day, such a winning formula to have such an experienced (and capable, and fun) team. You’ve simply got to go, it was brilliant!

Jenny, Everest Basecamp & Khumbu Classics

Amazing route shared with amazing people. lots of support to help us achieve our goal. It was a highlight to take a lesser trodden path and sharing it all with my partner. Stunning trek in a stunning country with awesome people.

Gary, Everest Basecamp via Gokyo, 2023

The scenery was stunning, the group of people were amazing. It’s a great first trip to get you started. The highlights for me were Gokyo lakes, walking on glaciers and the flight to and from Lukla. It was amazing and I loved experiencing a different culture. I got to have a feel what it’s like to be at altitude which was mind opening but exciting.

Freya, Everest Basecamp via Gokyo, 2023

I recommend this challenge, it was an outstanding experience and we had superb 360 support. The views, the overall experience and the arrival at EBC of course were all top highlights for me.

David, Everest Base camp 2023

As always from start to finish the 360 team were faultless, Helen as always thank you for you diligence and patience, Topsy and Ben –  great leaders, ground team in Nepal top class (every single one), what a team of trekkers we had too. Marni, thank you and your team for more wonderful memories.

Dave Everest Basecamp 2022

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