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Testimonials : Pyrenees: The Freedom Trail: Pyrenees Trek (6 day)

An amazing, challenging week full of experiences. The highlights for me was the difficulty of the trail and each time we arrived to a sign of the freedom trail. I feel like there was nothing that could improve this trip – it was excellent. The logistics were great, food was excellent and the guides were great, sensitive and patient.

Dalit, Freedom Trail 2023

Excellent expedition – the adventure, experiencing a challenge with history, beautiful scenery, good food, the scenery and flowers, and swimming in the lake. A valuable reminder of the difficulties faced during the war with a breathtaking experience that helps you escape day-to-day life and come back rejuvenated from completing something new.

Ali, Freedom Trail 2023

I think doing something different, taking you out of your comfort zone and normal home comforts and being challenged a bit is great.

It was thoughtful thinking of those who did the trip without all the comforts we had like waterproof trousers and food etc… escapism, time to think, time to get to know people, time to get to know yourself and how you adapt to situations. It was very varied, each day was different, it was great being outside in nature away from everything!



Suzy B

From the moment I first contacted 360, they have been a class apart from any other company I have dealt with. They have a passion for trekking and climbing and really care about their clients. This comes across in everything they do.

Ian White

The whole expedition was seamless. I’d never attempted anything like this, but the pre-communication was perfect, right from the moment when the company (very fairly) honoured the pre-Brexit prices. Marni and Helen answered every possible question, and the FB group was a great source of info and an opportunity to meet other members of the team.

Nick Turvey

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