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Testimonials : Spantik

I love the remote, basic feel of the expedition. It was not glamorous but I believe this added a certain charm to the whole trip. Tom, our leader, was laid back and approachable throughout the trip given the team a good amount of freedom on the trail and within camp. His approach to the mountains and his management of the team was absolutely spot on. He was very knowledgeable regarding lots of aspects of the mountains and climbing, and when we needed to focus and take note of what he was saying due to safety concerns he made sure we took his point on board. He took the time to bond with all the team members and take an interest in them. If I was looking at a trip and Tom was scheduled to be the expedition leader for it, it could well be the nudge to sign up.

Darren - Spantik 2022

There is not enough positive feedback I could give 360 for the trip! Everything seemed to be perfect! The local crew, the support we had from you and Rolfe, the hotels were top notch.

Aaron Moffat

I have loved every minute of building my mountaineering experience with 360 Expeditions, from trekking to Everest Base Camp to my first 8000m peak challenge in 2018. Always felt safe and love the familiarity of a small family run business. Look forward to all my future trips to come.

Sheena West

360 is more than just a trip, it’s actually becoming part of the 360 family. Their guides want you to achieve your goals. They want you to experience and share the same joy that they do on these adventures.

The whole experience of 360 was great and so I owe you a debt of gratitude for convincing me to take the plunge!

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