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Testimonials : Toubkal (All Seasons)

An incredible experience from the craziness of Marrakech to the stunning tranquillity of the Atlas Mountains. Love that this is one to easily squeeze in with it being a short punchy trip and you get such a beautiful immersion into a different culture in such a short space of time. Very much recommend!

Holly, Toubkal 2022

Great trip! Well organised, felt very safe. A really tough challenge but encouraged all the way with empathy and understanding from Jamie. Achieved the summit and felt great. Lots of ups and downs both physically and mentally. We all need to push ourselves and know we can achieve great things. This was well organised and safe with good back up. It is achievable with the right preparation and mind set. The highlights for me were meeting some amazing people, seeing a beautiful country with exceptional hospitality, pushing myself to the limit and achieving something special. Doing something I would never have done without the support of 360 and A999. an amazing trip with real accomplishment and satisfaction.

Stephen, Toubkal 2023

Highlights for me were the guide, the scenery, and the sense of achievement. Its tough but do-able. The UK 360 staff are SO enthusiastic about your trip its infectious! It was a brilliant experience and clearly a very highly rated company to do it with, who seem to be slightly different to the others.

Sophie, Toubkal 2023

It is a great introduction to trekking, a real physical & mental challenge, and you can experience a very different culture without travelling too far. The highlights were the amazing scenery, the challenge, sense of achievement, amazing scenery, banter, making friendships, experiencing local culture… did I mention the amazing scenery?! The expedition was challenging, fulfilling, exciting, and profound.

Chris, Toubkal 2023

The trekking was amazing with breath-taking views, and we were lucky to have great weather. I found it quite challenging both physically & mentally, but the local guides were so helpful & encouraging. They really couldn’t have been nicer, you really trust their knowledge and experience on the mountain. James, our 360 representative, was lovely and we felt he went above and beyond, even welcoming us to join him for lunch on the first and last day. He created a really warm team environment, answered all our endless questions, and had some great stories of previous treks. The food was also fresh & beautifully presented, which we ate whilst enjoying fantastic vistas!

We feel that, even though it was a short trip, we have experienced Morocco, had a great adventure, and made some lovely new friends. Can’t wait for our next adventure with 360!!!

Julie, Toubkal 2023

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