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Alain Place

Expedition Guide

“Like you, perhaps, my true passion for the mountains was born from an encounter with a high mountain guide. It was he who really introduced me to all the pleasures that altitude could bring.”

We can understand Alain’s thoughts! So many of the testimonials from our 36o trekkers speak of the inspiration of their guides. A few years after his love for the mountains was spurred on, he became a guide, and the rest is history!

Alain is part of our 360 Pyrenean team – and in his own words, is from the Pyrenees at heart, but 20 years spent guiding all across Europe has made him love all the various massifs, because each mountain is different, and has its hidden faces that you have to discover to appreciate it. He spent 25 years in the High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoons (PGHM) of the Alps and the Pyrenees, which showed him the more emotional side of mountain life, but if anything these experiences have taught him to nourish all of the experiences on these high peaks.

You’ll likely find Alain on our Aneto expeditions, with a big smile, and plenty of stories!

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and managed to conquer some deep fears like walking over precarious swingy bridges and clambering past sheer drops without vertigo!

Jane Mitchell
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