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Ade (Adrian) Summers

Expedition Leader, Mountain Guide, Trekking Guide, Sea Kayaking Guide, Mountain Biking Guide, Tour Guide, Photographer, Traveller and Adventure Travel Tourism Consultant and Trainer.

Ade was born and grew up in Wales but now travels the world leading and exploring remote places in the greater mountain ranges of the world.

Ade Specialises in Asia and less visited places.



What was your first adventure?

My first real adventure was when I travelled around China, Viet Nam and China in 1992. These days those countries are relativity easy to travel to but in 1992 it was quite an adventure.

In China no one spoke English, Transport was slow and basic, there was even a separate currency for foreigner funnily called FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificates).

Viet Nam was just opening up but and fantastic friendly interesting country.

Cambodia was just recovering from the Khmer Rouge and the Temples of Ankgor were free and you really felt like Indian Jones.


What has been your most memorable adventure?

I am lucky to say I have so many memorable adventures.

My Career Highlights

•  Expedition Leader for the first commercial trek in many years the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan, now 7 expeditions to the Wakhan.

•  Expedition Leader for first commercial Climb of Mount Halgort in Iraqi Kurdistan.

•  14 Month overland trip from Cardiff (Wales) to Sydney (Australia) without flying.

•  Trekking the Frozen Zanskar river. “The Chadar Trek”

•  Summiting Aconcagua twice back to back

•  Leading the first successful summit of Mukot Peak in Dolpo Nepal.

•  Working as a mountain guide and working in the new and developing travel industry in Mongolia

•  Working in Northern Pakistan with awesome mountains and fantastic people

•  Training local leaders in Mongolia, Pakistan, India and Nepal.

•  Leading a charity trek of Welsh and US musicians to Everest BC and a concert on Kala Pattar and Durbar Square. Leading a second trek in 2012.

•  Climbing in Antarctica.

•  Climbed, Trekked,  Traveled and had a beer on all 7 Continents



What item of travel kit you can't do without?

There are a few essential travel kit.

MP3 Music player, Down Jacket, a good book, penknife and a Pee bottle.

What three bits of advice would you give to people who are keen on adventures, trekking and climbing?

Things always work out for the best, maybe not the planned trip but when things go off plan, that’s when the fun starts.

keep smiling and laughing its all fun.

Live life, don’t dream it. Its been my mantra for many years now.


What is the best thing about your job?

Meeting people and helping them achieve their goals, and have a great experience.

Also visiting amazing places and meeting people. Also seeing the world through my eyes not the jaded view for newspapers, magazines and TV.

Why did you choose to work for 360?

360 are an exciting dynamic company open to exploring new areas and different and adventurous treks and climbs.

The itinerary organised helped us recover from the trek but also added greatly to the overall experience. It was the right mix of free time, sightseeing, eating and drinking.

Sandy Scott, Mera Peak, 2009
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