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Gianni Capano

Expedition Guide

Gianni’s adventure life began at a very early age when living in Patagonia in the 80’s, even going to school was an adventure – a two-hour trek!   Gianni spent most of his childhood skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding and climbing.  As a result, by the end of the 90’s Gianni decided to become a professional mountain guide. He now has 18 years of experience working professionally in the mountains.

Gianni is a UIAGM guide and his relationship with 360 Expeditions dates back when he first met Rolfe Oostra whilst guiding on Aconcagua. They have worked together for over 14 years and from their experience of free-lancing for many different companies (prior to 360) have formulated what we all believe to be the best strategy to scaling Aconcagua. The well tested strategy and itinerary is different and comes from years of hands on experience which will give you the best chance for a summit.

Gianni is incredibly proud to be the head Aconcagua guide for 360 Expeditions. He is a climbing and skiing machine. You’ll never find him sitting still for too long and he carries a pair of climbing shoes with him at all times (just in case of a bouldering opportunity).


What was your first adventure?

That’s hard to say… as growing up in Patagonia as a child involved many adventures!

What has been your most memorable adventure?

My most memorable adventure would have to be my my first season at Cerro, Aconcagua in 1999.  Every summer I return back to Cerro and enjoy the surroundings like I did that first time..nearly 20 years ago.

What three bits of advice would you give to people who are keen on adventures, trekking and climbing?

  1. Every trip needs your thoughts
  2. You have to enjoy your self once you are at your expedition destination.
  3. When you return back home from your trip, think of what you have achieved and cherish those memories!

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is to be able to collaborate with those people who want to do an activity outside their comfort zone and accompany people so that this area becomes gradually more comfortable.

Why did you choose to work for 360?

It has been almost a decade since I started working for 360.

I recommend 360’s Toubkal expedition. Not many can take 3 weeks away from their families and face something different from the norm. This excellent trip immerses you into a short physical challenge and a change in culture too. A perfect blend.

Paul McGonigle, Toubkal Summer Ascent
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