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Steve Ellis

Expedition Leader

When Steve is not with his fantastic family; he is happiest in the hills helping folk have a super time.

From an early age he wanted to be in the great outdoors, and whether it was orienteering as a Scout, on a river competing in his kayak, tramping down a trail or honing his skills as an IML, he is most definitely in a happy place outside.

Steve loves the fact that everyday delivers a whole new experience and everyday he has the chance to learn something new.

Visiting some amazing places on his travels Steve has been fortunate to absorb a wealth of diverse experiences and share his passion for the outdoors with so many amazing people.

Steve’s hobby is his job; hence, he has the best job ever!


What was your first adventure?

I guess my first adventure would have to be when I was in the Cub Scouts.

Making fires, rope bridges, and learning how to tie knots was part and parcel of life as a Cub Scout and onwards, brilliant times that have shaped who I am!

What has been your most memorable adventure?

Without doubt walking across the Pyrenees from Atlantic to Mediterranean on the GR10 trail in 2005 with my lovely wife; it was a journey that we enjoyed together and has left us with so many amazing memories.

What item of travel kit you can't do without?

I do love my duvet jacket… whether at the end of a good day, to throw on whilst munching my lunch or just to put on, warm up and put the world to right!

What three bits of advice would you give to people who are keen on adventures, trekking and climbing?

  1. Enjoy every adventurous minute.
  2. Learn from your mistakes – we all make them.
  3. Never be afraid to ask for help or advice – you’ll be surprised how willing folk are to assist you if they see you trying.

What is the best thing about your job?

Meeting folk and sharing my passion for the great outdoors!

Why did you choose to work for 360?

I like working with folk who understand the outdoors and how outdoor folk operate!

A great trip all around on and off the mountain, the chalet is lush and Mike/Jude are a great pair who think of and do everything.

Andrew Pike, Mont Blanc
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